Free science fiction Kindle books for 26 Jun 18

The Battle Dancer: A Red Wraith Prequel (The Red Wraith Book 1)

by Nick Wisseman

Everyone in Dzune had always assumed Tay could read fates, that her milky eyes let her see what others couldn’t. Villagers brought gifts in exchange for her wisdom and treated it as the ironclad word of the Sun Father.

There was only one problem: Tay couldn’t actually see the future.

Not at all initially, and only a little after her awakening. She’d had a true vision once, though, an image of herâ??armed and angryâ??safeguarding a strange man on a green hill.

And now that man had come to Dzune.

The Battle Dancer won an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future Contest in 2014.

Please Note: This novella doesn’t fully resolve on its ownâ??it’s meant as a lead-in to The Red Wraith.

White Sands and Red Sands (Orbs Short Stories)

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

The thrilling short stories set in the Orbs universe.

Jeff and his little brother, David, are alone. Their parents have disappeared along with the rest of the world, replaced by glowing blue orbs and a terrifying army of aliens. But the boys are survivors. Living in the tunnels beneath the White Sands military base, escaping from hungry aliens, and searching for supplies, they hatch a plan. The boys will fight back, and before they’re through the white sands will run red with blood.

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