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Diary of an Indie Blogger: My Roadmap to Success

by Kim Staflund

I had a scare very recently. My blog platform malfunctioned, and I was unable to access the close to eight years of inspiration, education, musings, creative writing, guest posts, syndicated contentâ??you name itâ??that was contained there. I feared the worst: all my blood, sweat, and tears were gone forever; now this invaluable source of motivation and information for indie authors and bloggers was inaccessible to all. What a panic!

Luckily, I was eventually able to retrieve all the archived information (albeit, much of the past formatting and graphics were messed up). And that’s when I decided to download it to a Word document for myself so it would never be lost again.

That was the original intentionâ??save the information for myself. But as I began browsing through all the entries, something happened inside of me. I was able to see the many learning curves I had taken, over the years, from the time I started the blog and my publishing company for independent authors to where I am today. “This is something so much more special than a mere blog,” I thought to myself. This is a diary of my growth as an independent author, publisher, and online marketer. This is a beautiful, wonderful walk down memory lane that has also reminded me of some of the guest bloggers, authors, and other people I’ve met along the way. What a treasure!

I’m now a bestselling author and publisher for many more authorsâ??some who are bestsellers in their own rights. I’m also a sales coach for authors, and my mission in life is to help others (e.g., authors, bloggers, online marketers) navigate this mysterious business littered with acronyms, peculiar old-fashioned practices, and unforeseen pitfalls. I want everyone to enjoy success in whatever form you wish to achieve it, and this blog-turned-ebook is filled to the brim with all kinds of helpful tips and tricks to help you do just that.

And do you want to know what else this is? It is an example of how YOU can do the same thing for yourselfâ??repurpose your own archived blog entries by turning them into an ebook. Introduce the content in a fresh new way to a fresh new crowd via their ereaders. Help even more people with your blog than you did before, now that you know so much more after years and years of blogging.

This blog-turned-ebook is a mish-mash of advice and tips, author musings, industry-related opinion articles, recipes, syndicated content, new (back then) book announcements, and inspirational posts. It is cut and pasted into here chronologically so you can see the journey and learning curves of this bloggerâ??how my posts and content began to change, over the years, even though my core beliefs have remained the same.

These archived blog entries are filled with information from many different categories: advertising, audiobooks, author photos, book reviews, contests, copyright, editing and proofreading, ghostwriting, graphic design, guest bloggers’ insights, indexing and fact checking, inspirational content, internet marketing, printing, publicity, sales and marketing, syndicated content, and writing. There is something here for everyone! I hope you not only enjoy it but also find it highly useful and helpful.

Satya Nadella: Career, Business, and Life Lessons from the CEO of Microsoft ( Bill Gates Paul Allen Steve Ballmer )

by Andy Atkins

Whether you’re an at entrepreneur, seasoned executive, or entry level associate, virtually anyone can improve their business and professional skills. As long as you have the ambition and drive you can earn a wonderful living in the business world.

Are you ready to learn the secrets that will make you a CEO like Satya Nadella?
Are you ready to build a great legacy for yourself by emulating the success lessons of the great?
Are you ready to be one of the wealthiest people in the planet?

If you are, then this book will show you how.

If you’re one of those, then this book is for you.

Towards the Ethics of a Green Future (Open Access): The Theory and Practice of Human Rights for Future People (Routledge Studies in Sustainability)

What are our obligations towards future generations who stand to be harmed by the impact of today’s environmental crises? This book explores ecological sustainability as a human rights issue and examines what our long-term responsibilities might be.

This interdisciplinary collection of chapters provides a basis for understanding the debates on the provision of sustainability for future generations from a diverse set of theoretical standpoints. Covering a broad range of perspectives such as risk and uncertainty, legal implementation, representation, motivation and economics, Towards the Ethics of a Green Future sets out the key questions involved in this complex ethical issue. The contributors bring theoretical discussions to life through the use of case studies and real-world examples. The book also includes clear and tangible recommendations for policymakers on how to put the suggestions proposed within the book into practice.

This book will be of great interest to all researchers and students concerned with issues of sustainability and human rights, as well as scholars of environmental politics, law and ethics more generally.

Car Buyer Secrets : The Ultimate Car Buying Guide with Life Hacks and Money Saving Tips for the Next Time You Buy a Car – Covers Topics like Leasing, Trade Value, Financing and Saving Money!

by Lewis Oliver

Car Buyer Secrets is the ultimate car buying guide. This life hacks book will teach you about saving money on your next vehicle purchase. You will learn about leasing, used cars, new cars, internet purchasing, and other valuable car buying tips.

In Car Buyer Secrets, you will learn from a former car dealer as he reveals insider secrets that dealers don’t want you to know. These secrets will save you $1000’s on your next vehicle purchase.

What you’ll learn:

  • 5 critical numbers every car buyer MUST know
  • How to maximize the value of your trade
  • The Secret Formula for negotiating the BEST PRICE
  • The Dealer Sales Process and the Key Players involved
  • Differences between Leasing, Financing, and paying Cash
  • Importance of vehicle selection
  • Important industry terms so you can negotiate like an INSIDER

What you’ll get:

  • 40 Page, Easy-to-Follow Booklet packed with valuable INSIDER INFO
  • Step-by-step instructions to arrive at the BEST PRICE
  • Step-by-step instructions for Maximizing your Trade Value
  • Access to the Author for questions and advice

Why does it take so long to buy a car?

It really doesn’t take that long to buy a car if you are prepared. The most time consuming aspect of a vehicle purchase involves vehicle selection. Ineffective negotiation can also take up a significant amount of time. If you arrive at a dealership properly prepared, your purchase will not take long at all. Car Buyer Secrets prepares you for the process. 

Why is vehicle pricing so confusing?

Vehicle pricing doesn’t have to be confusing. It is only confusing to those who don’t understand a dealership’s profit structure. Car Buyer Secrets will show you how to find the dealer’s EXACT COST and what a fair markup should be. Car Buyer Secrets also explains finance and insurance products, as well as taxes and fees that affect the out-the-door price.

Why are salespeople so pushy?

Most salespeople are commission based. This means that the more time they spend with you, the less time they have to close other car deals and make a paycheck. Car Buyer Secrets teaches you to spend less of your valuable time and take up less of your salesperson’s time as well. You will learn to identify the key decision makers at the dealership and when to engage them to make the process go faster. You will find that salespeople become less pushy when you are prepared to work at their pace.

Can’t I find all of this information for free on the internet?

While there are many books, articles and other resources available on the internet, none of them cover the entire car buying experience as comprehensively as Car Buyer Secrets. You will not find all of this information covered in as much detail anywhere else!

Will Car Buyer Secrets really save me $1000’s?

YES! After reading Car Buyer Secrets you will understand how much money a dealership is making on your deal, and what an acceptable profit margin should be. You will know all of the important variables in a car deal and how to leverage each variable into $1000’s IN COMBINED SAVINGS.

Is getting a good deal on a car really that complicated?

Yes and noâ?¦. Just like anything in life, if you understand the process, it becomes significantly less complicated. The biggest mistake you can make is to set foot in a dealership without understanding the process. Car Buyer Secrets gives you the tools you need to simplify the process.

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