Free literary fiction Kindle books for 27 Jun 18

Fireflies in Tunnels

by K.L. McGrew

Fireflies in Tunnels is a fictional story told through the eyes of two narrators: sisters Irene and Vivian McDougall. As they tell their stories about how their family has disintegrated due to choices and secrets, these young women learn much and reveal much about the role of responsibility for both women and men in the area of sexuality. It tells the tale of Vivian McDougall, a young adult from a troubled and broken mid-western home, who, because of a series of disappointments and betrayals, stumbles into a life of prostitution after she follows her military fiancé out to California during the Vietnam era. Throughout the text, a variety of key characters experience the natural consequences of their actions and how they cause a ripple effect in the lives of others. In spite of the suffering that they cause or endure, there is a redemptive quality in each of them that emerges as the tale unfolds.

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