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Instagram Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Following Fast, Driving Massive Traffic & Generating Predictable Profits

by James Moore


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How would you like to get more followers, just like the pros do? Instagram is one of THE biggest platforms in the big and wide ocean that makes up social media, and I’d like to show you exactly how you can profit from knowing the best-kept secrets that can put you further up the metaphorical “ladder,” for business or for pleasure… whichever you so wish!

A Clear and Concise Step by Step Guide

We’ll look at each secret guideline so that it makes sense to you, because knowledge is power. You’ll see how the pros do it, without spending ridiculous amounts of cash! You can do it organically, and it takes no time at all, really!

Creating a Killer Bio is Important

Yes, this is so important because it’s detrimental to your overall and ongoing success. We’ll take the guesswork out, once and for all! Be the bio that leaves the others in the dust… I’ll show you how.

Secret Hacks to Get More Likes

We need likes, because this creates more likes, and more… and then the snowball effect happens and you’ve been seen by loads of potential customers who are interested in exactly what you have to say. Wow… that makes great business sense!

Best Hacks for Video Views for Your Audience

This can get you seen by more followers than you can poke a stick at, and that’s awesome news for you, and whatever product or service you might be selling! Anything that pushes your growth further is paramount in terms of smart business.

Getting 20k Organic Followers is Easy

More followers equals more sales, and more sales means you can have more freedom to live the life you choose. I can’t wait to show you these tips because they are the must-know techniques which will enable you to expand further.

The Awesome Hashtag Secret Tips

#Secret… and I mean “no more guessing.” You’ll sail past the competition when you use these proven secret tips. I’ve done it myself with super-duper success. It’s fun, and more-than-easy, too!

How Not to Lose Instagram Followers

Once you gain followers you’ll want to keep them wanting more, and in this section we’ll talk about what not to do, because that’s just as important as what you should do, right? Right!

Boosting Comment Numbers on the Platform

More comments will mean that you can build your brand’s engagement, or just get people to follow you. Doing this means more followers will be joining the conversation. Here, I’ll give you my best tips on everything you’ll need to know and do. I think you’re gonna love it!

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Stock investing: Learn the basics of day trading

by Peter Flynn

Learn how to make money day trading

You are a few pages away from making money.
Discover the secrets of the best Investors in the World
Most people never take investing into consideration. In fact, only a small portion of the total population takes the time to learn how to make money work. If you are reading this, it means you are in the small 1% that is willing to do what it takes to create wealth and prosperity in life: congratulation.
In this book, you will discover the secrets that the best investors in the world have used since 1980 to multiply their capital and keep expanding their empire. Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins and Warren Buffett have something in common: they all know how money works and what strategies to apply during each market cycle.
Often times, people use complex terms when it comes to money. However, the approach of this book goes in the opposite direction. Each concept is described with absolute clarity and is accompanied by real file examples.
In this book, you will learn:
-The importance of making money work for you
-What compound interest is and how you can use it to produce wealth
-How to select a good broker
-How to protect your investment
-What capital is required to start
It is important to note that the book does not offer “get rich quick solutions.” Easy money does not exists, especially at the early stages. However, by studying the material provided and applying it diligently, it is possible to successfully get started in a matter of weeks.
Are you ready to discover the Golden Rules of Investing?

Ethereum: Una Guía Completa para Conocer Ethereum y Cómo Hacer Dinero Con �l (Libro en Español/Ethereum Book Spanish Version) (Spanish Edition)

by Mark Smith

¡Disfruta de Ganancias Enormes por Tus Inversiones en Ethereum!

â??â??¡Compra la versión tapa blanda de este libro y obtén la versión eBook Kindle totalmente GRATIS!â??â??

¿Quieres entrar a los crecientes mercados de criptomonedas, pero te sientes agobiado por todo ese lenguaje tecnológico que implica esta gran oportunidad?

No te preocupes, comprender Ethereum es mucho más fácil de lo aparenta, y además podrás aprovechar al máximo esta nueva y emocionante opción para invertir. Cuando recibas tu copia de Ethereum, descubrirás definiciones simples y prácticas para terminología como Blockchain, Gas, y Ether. Esta guía completa y fácil de leer te ofrece todo lo necesario para dar el primer paso en este nuevo mundo de finanzas.

La plataforma Ethereum emplea tecnologías de blockchain descentralizadas para garantizar que nadie pueda distorsionar la moneda al adquirir la mayor parte de ella. ¡Imagina un nuevo sistema financiero basado en accesibilidad, transparencia e igualdad!

¡Con este libro también aprenderás a usar Ethereum para crear tus propias aplicaciones!

¡No te pierdas esta oportunidad para cambiar las reglas del juego! ¡Descarga tu copia de Ethereum y comienza a acumular riquezas hoy mismo!

Es muy rápido y fácil de ordenar – solo desplázate hacia arriba y haz clic en el botón COMPRAR AHORA CON UN CLIC ubicado en el lado derecho de la pantalla.

250 Secret Weight Loss Tips: Secret Knowledge For Achieving Your Weight-Loss Goals

by J.D. Stark

Get insider tips and secret knowledge to achieve your weight loss goal!

This book brings to you 250 simple and effective tips to reduce your calorie intake and increase your calorie burn. It tells you simple ways to bring big changes in your lifestyle.

Inside you will find

-    The ideal meal plan for a weight loss diet

-    A list of some fat burning foods that help in weight loss

-    Simple workout tips

-    Secrets for getting the most from your workouts

-    Diet tips

Don’t Delay. Buy your copy of 250 Secret Weight Loss Tips and start on healthy journey to a better you.

Magic Words: 99 Sentences To Get Anyone To Do Anything

by Nick Kastrup

Do you want to influence people and succeed in your business and personal life?

Kastrup’s smart new book, Magic Words: 99 Sentences to Get Anyone to Do Anything, teaches simple sentences and phrases that will help you learn the power of persuasion and become a successful negotiator at work, at home, and everywhere else.

Kastrup’s fascinating new book, Magic Words: 99 Sentences to Get Anyone to Do Anything, will teach you simple sentences and phrases that will help you learn the power of persuasion and become a successful negotiator at work, at home, and everywhere else.
With this book, you can learn how to:

increase your influence with people in all areas of your life

win any negotiation you enter

come out on top in any argument

get a raise

use certain words and sentences to influence people without their knowledge

persuade someone to give you a yes, even after they say no

make people trust you

be more socially adept

and more!

What makes Magic Words so revolutionary is its use of the principles of social intelligence and social science to create practical ways to influence anybody in any situation. The book explores how simple words and sentences can influence the human mind and psyche and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage in your daily life.

Kastrup’s background in social science and behavioral economics provides a unique lens of clarity throughout the book, based on the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and economics.

Gateway to Hell: Vietnam 1968: Thoughts and personal experiences of an infantry soldier

by Coleman Luck

The personal experiences of former Army infantry First Lieutenant George Coleman Luck Jr during his year in Vietnam – 1968

Growing Season: a novel (Book 1)

by Melanie Lageschulte

“… a relatable heroine whom readers will want to follow to her next adventure.” – (BookLife/Publishers Weekly) Melinda Foster is already at a crossroads when the “for rent” sign beckons her down a dusty gravel lane. Facing forty and downsized from her successful career at a Twin Cities ad agency, Melinda is struggling to find her way forward when a phone call brings her home to rural Iowa. It’s not long before Melinda is living in a faded farmhouse, caring for a barn full of animals, and working at her family’s hardware store in the community of Prosper, whose motto is “The Great Little Town That Didn’t.” And just like the vast garden she tends under the summer sun, Melinda soon begins to thrive. Filled with memorable characters, from a big-hearted farm dog to the weather-obsessed owner of the local co-op, “Growing Season” celebrates the challenges and joys of rural life. First in a series! Don’t miss the heartwarming sequel, “Harvest Season.”

Dating Advice for Women: Dating With Dignity, 20 Winning Dating Tips for Women of All Ages!

by Rina Mcnally

Dating With Dignity, 20 Winning Dating Tips for Women of All Ages!

When it comes to relationships, none of us can say we know everything there is to know about them. Healthy and successful relationships are extremely important for both men and women. For centuries, women have been playing the role of domestic goddesses. In general, they are the ones who investigate more on the subject, because they know the absolute importance of timely dating advice for women.
If a woman seeks advice about relationships, it means that something went wrong. She is not finding her love, or the current state of affairs is not working. However, in most cases the problems are similar. Knowing how to behave in one situation or another in order to keep both partners satisfied is imperative for happy and satisfying relationships.
These days I see countless hordes of articles and magazines, giving terrible dating advice to women. I mean horrendous, sometimes not just like bad advice that doesn’t do anything but are destructive advice. So here are my bits of dating advice for women that you could do to improve yourself right now to better the odds of finding you a great guy.

This book will teach you on how to date.
Dating in relationships is all about telling the other party about your feelings, desires, fears, frustrations, dreams, etc.
However, effective dating is also about getting heard. You might spend several minutes telling your partner about something that is disturbing you, but is they really paying attention?
Are your words going to have any impact on them? Effective dating is not only about what you are trying to say, but how and when you decide to do it.

What you will find in the book

  • Introduction to Dating
  • Understand the stages of men
  • Learning to know thy self
  • The meeting phase
  • Secrets of men
  • Common dating mistakes
  • The Etiquette of Dating
  • Dating Advice for women
  • Dating Tips

DIRTY JOBS: Careers of Danger and Daring (Illustrated Edition): How did they do it 100 years ago

by Cleveland Moffett

This carefully crafted ebook: “Dirty Jobs – Careers of Danger and Daring (Illustrated Edition)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
If you are curious and excited about the ways in which our brave men did the commonest of jobs with the most basic technologies and negligible safety gears then, this is the book for you! Learn about the lives and daring jobs of firemen, sea-divers, bridge builders, circus trainers and more with this handy book.
The Steeple-Climber
The Deep-Sea Diver
The Balloonist
The Pilot
The Bridge-Builder
The Fireman
The Aërial Acrobat
The Wild-Beast Tamer
The Dynamite Worker
The Locomotive Engineer

Instant Pot Whole 30 Cookbook: Quick and Easy Instant Pot Whole 30 Recipes for Your Family

by James Houck

Food habits play an important role in determining the person’s health and fitness. Improper food habits can be worked upon to improve one’s health both physically and mentally. Eating right definitely plays an important role.

In this book, I have explained about the concept of Whole 30, which will help you build a healthy relationship with food. Whole 30 dishes are known for their ease to prepare and cook. The process is easy, less time consuming and utilizes commonly available ingredients. It helps you prepare mouthwatering meals in the minimal time with complete satisfaction.

The idea of Whole 30 is to revise your lifestyle and transform it to the better version. With the help of this book, you can work on your body for next 30 days, preparing and experimenting with your cravings. The plan will help you get control over the irregular food-related behavior and cravings. The output at the end of the 30 days will be beautiful: you will feel better, both inside out!

This book includes various whole 30 Instant Pot recipes based on chicken, beef, seafood, and pork for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snack time. Each recipe has been created keeping the main ideology of Whole 30 cycle in mind that is, easier recipes, and more varieties.

The meals also follow the rules of Whole 30 programs and constitute of ingredients which are allowed to be consumed in this diet. The restricted food groups are absolutely not included in the ingredients of such recipes. These recipes consume no time at all, which defines its specialty.

Be it chicken or pork, this recipes book is the ultimate answer to all your queries regarding cooking recipes using an Instant Pot. Go through the book to indulge yourself in the process of becoming a better you.

Attract Women: The Boss Blueprint: Your Guide To Becoming A Total Fu*king Boss With Women And In Life (And Attract Women To You Like A Magnet)

by Chris Nova

Want to become the type of man women find irresistible? Want to be able to trigger instinctive attraction?

Ignite primal attraction.

What if you were able to radiate the qualities that women find absolutely irresistible, and then make them overwhelmingly attracted to you? What if you could make women attracted to you on an instinctual level. Wouldn’t this be something extremely valuable that you would want to know?

With over 220 pages, this is a no fluff book; this is the most comprehensive guide that you will ever need to attract, date, have sex with, and build into the relationship of your dreams with the women you desire.

Countless pickup artists have found odd tricks, gimmicks, and lines that work for a little while. The Boss Blueprint gets to the very core of female attractionâ??the masculine traits that women have evolved to be instinctively attracted to.

You’ll learn how to turn the number one barrier, â??fear of rejection’ into your ally. You’ll completely eradicate approach anxiety from your psyche forever, and most importantly you’ll acquire the single most important trait that women find incredibly attractive:

Becoming A Man of Purpose

Armed with this book and the desire to change your life, nothing will stop you from advancing from where you are now to where you want to be in your dating life, sex life, and relationships.

Inside this action packed book you’ll find:

How to deepen your masculine polarity to unleash the man within
How to understand what women want and desire
How to build an awesome social life that women want to be a part of
How to go out and meet women and build a mindset of abundance
How to set precise goals and program your mind on autopilot for success with women, and in life
How to become the most badass version of yourself inside and out, and draw to you the people, places, events, circumstances, and women that will set you up for the best life you could possibly imagine
How to flirt with women, and bring it from a first interaction to a successful date and then to sex
How to use social media and online dating to absolutely dominate, and attract women to you by the droves
How to have happy, loving relationships and become the confident, secure, empowered man she so desperately wants
And much much more
Develop Rock Solid Self-Confidence

In three months, you’ll be three months older…

Where will you be in three months?

Will you be in the same old rut, fearful of talking to women, desiring the girl you saw at the coffee shop, but being crippled by your approach anxiety…

Or will you be a man of purpose, totally self-confident in his value, and sure of his mission in life. A man who doesn’t hesitate when he sees a woman he desires, and has a calendar packed with dates with attractive women.

Where will you be in three months?

It’s up to you.

YOU’LL be the guy who the other guys look at with jealousy, as you effortlessly attract women.

Your dating life will be abundant, your relationships will flourish, and you’ll have more opportunities than you can imagine.

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick up your copy right now by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Join Chris Nova now for the greatest adventure of your life, and he’ll see you on the other side.

Ella’s Twisted Senior Year (Ella and Ethan Book 1)

by Amy Sparling

When a tornado takes her home, she’s forced to live with the boy who broke her heart.

From the best selling author of the Summer Unplugged series, Ella’s Twisted Senior Year is a sweet, angsty teen romance that’s perfect for fans of Kasie West, Ali Novak, and Jessica Sorensen.

Having spent most of her senior year flying under the radar, the last thing Ella Lockhart expected was to have a tornado rip straight through her house, leaving her homeless. It’s bad enough that the whole school now pities her, but did her parents have to let the neighbors take them in?

Now she’s sharing a house with Ethan Poe, her former best friend-turned-enemy. All those feelings she used to have for him are starting to rain down on her again. Too bad he’s a jerk and his new girlfriend has territorial issues. Thanks to Mother Nature, Ella’s house and her entire life have been turned upside down.

Ethan isn’t quite sure why Ella hates him so much, but he does know she wants nothing to do with him. He’s never quite gotten over the crush he had on her as a kid, and now that she’s living across the hall, it’s hard to stay away. His girlfriend isn’t helping the situation and when she shows her true colors, he doesn’t want to date her anymore. He wants to date someone like Ella. Too bad she hates him.

Don’t miss the sequel, Ella’s Stormy Summer Break

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