Free parenting and families Kindle books for 27 Jun 18

Punishment Doesn’t Work: Practical Parenting Strategies That Actually Change Your Kid’s Behaviors

by Dr. Scott Davis

What do you do when nothing seems to be working to correct your child or adolescent’s behaviors? Discover a new way of parenting. Get rid of groundings, time outs, and harsh punishments that don’t work and make everyone angry at each other. These are real strategies you can employ right now. Stop reading about why your kid acts the way they do and start reading about what you can do about it.

Waking Up Human: A Survivor’s Guide

by Susan Aranda

Have you ever felt you don’t belong here? That maybe you were sent to the wrong place? Have terrible people happened to you, in a seemingly endless parade of pain and bewilderment? Do you long to make sense of it all?

You are not alone.

This is a survival story of how one soul lived through years of abuse. Discarded and betrayed, her fierce determination and dauntless introspection helped her discover the quiet, small voice inside that grew into a powerhouse of self realization. She could heal herself.

Waking Up Human: A Survivor’s Guide is a sometimes raw, quite often hilarious real-life experience. In a no-holds-barred, down-to-the-nitty-gritty monologue, Susan Aranda reveals how her day-to-day struggles caring for a dying and unappreciative father shed light on her life-long affliction with abusive partners. The experience ultimately frees her heart to celebrate the Divine Guidance in which she always secretly believed. Her hard-won wisdom provides others the courage and conviction to successfully navigate the complete voyage of being human.

Husband Killer Jane Dorotik

by Anna Michaels

Robert Dorotik had died from blunt force trauma and strangulation. He had several injuries to the face and the back of the head (an expert testified the wounds were consistent with a hammer). There were defensive wounds on his hands. He was still wearing his jogging clothes although according to the detectives his shoes were tied in an odd manner. The rope used to strangle him was still around his neck and had made a laceration on his throat.
They did not find blood at the scene that would have been consistent with it being the murder site. Robert had been killed somewhere else and moved here. They found the tire tracks and shoe prints. Jane could not be linked to any of the shoe prints, only the tire tracks. However, hers were not the only tire tracks there, the others were not linked to anyone.
The evidence from the beginning seemed to point at Jane Dorotik as the killer.

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