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The Dropout Manifesto: On how to succeed without an educational institution, a college degree, or formal schooling

by Diego Segura

Who is this book for?


Who are dropouts?


Who are we?

We’re purposeful, and know that everyone has a purpose and we sure as hell know our own. We know why we do what we do. We’re great communicators and strong influencers. We relentlessly learn whatever we can from anyone we can, recognizing the deferred gratitude that learning provides throughout the course of a lifetime. We’re hustlers, and we win every minute that we spend alive. We see the world as it is and dedicate time to understand the occurrences by and around us. We’re defiant in the best sense of the word, and we’re not only reluctant to, but we refuse to accept the status quo and we challenge it in a chase for the simple idea of “better”. We practice great equanimity and recognize our power to change the small things today for big change tomorrow. We don’t just want to change ourselves, we want to change the world.

However, there’s no degree program for changing the world, and success has nothing to do with educational institutions or pieces of paper. That’s why we’re dropouts in the first place.

The Dropout Manifesto was written by Diego Segura (17 years old) in 2018.

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