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$950 Million in 40 Minutes: An Amazing Roller Coaster Biography of a Financial Mastermind

by Meshulam Riklis

What makes a world-class financial genius tick?

Enter the mind of a financial mastermind who started from scratch to build a world-wide business empire. Meshulam Riklis invites you on his amazing roller coaster ride to meteoric heights, providing valuable tips for life, for success, and for survival.

A billionaire shares his secrets

In his story, Riklis shares with you the business techniques that he perfected; “how a small fish eats a big fish,” his magic formula for mergers and acquisitions based on his thesis; “the effective use, or rather non-use, of cash in financial transactions,” and the unshakable beliefs that allowed him to found and run some of the most desired brand names in the world such as Elizabeth Arden, Faberge, Cartier, Carnival Cruise Lines, Playtex and the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

But it’s not all roses, right?

Riklis also reveals the personal price he had to pay: three marriages, endless girlfriends, and the relentless loneliness that shadowed him daily. Join Riklis as he rises to the top of the business world and sinks to the oblivion of despair as you draw on his inspiring ability to overcome crises.

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The Soldier from Virginia

by Marjorie Bowen

“Your good health and fortune are the toast at every table.”â?? Colonel Fairfax to Washington.

THIS novel deals with the early life and adventures of George Washington, often regarded as a formal and stiff personality.

His career was, however, full of romance and incident, adventure and excitement, and in his youth he possessed both charm and ardour. It is a passage in history too often overlaid by dullness and conventionalism. An attempt is here made to restore freshness to the daring gesture of the young colony in breaking away from the mother country.

Also in dealing with George Washington himself from his early days in Williamsburg up to the surrender of York Town, I have endeavoured to show that his life was one of undaunted courage, combined with a set purpose.

Praise for Marjorie Bowen

“A book remarkable alike for its vividness and for its historical perspective” – Daily Express

â??Fresh, vivid, exciting and enthralling â?¦ This is a fine book’ – The Sphere

â??A book in every way worthwhile â?¦ as an individual contribution to the subject, Miss Bowen’s work is of the exceptional class’ – The Scotman

â??Miss Bowen’s work is of the exceptional class’ – The Scotsman

Marjorie Bowen was born in 1885 and often wrote under the pseudonym Margaret Gabrielle Vere Campbell Long. She was one of Britain’s most prolific authors of the twentieth century. Writing was more than just a hobby: her works were the primary source of financial support for her family. Between 1906 and her death in 1952, Bowen wrote over 150 books, garnering much acclaim for her popular histories and historical and Gothic romances. Alongside masterful descriptions and concise, efficient prose, she deftly rendered larger-than-life subjects in the minds of her readers. To this day, aficionados of the genres covet Bowen’s work. Her other titles include The Sword Decided, Mary Queen of Scots, The Queen’s Caprice, The Governor of England, Mistress Nell Gwynn and Dickon.

Marcus Wesson: The Horrific True Story Behind Fresnoâ??s Worst Mass Murderer (Real Crime By Real Killers Book 6)

by Nancy Veysey

One’s darkest fantasy is another’s horrific reality.

Polygamy. Incest. Vampires. Murder. There are words you might expect to read together in the plot of a gothic horror novel, but not so long ago, in the usually quiet town of Fresno, California, those words were the headlines. What do they have to do with each other? The answer to that question is one man; Marcus Wesson.

Chances are you have heard of cults, such as the Manson Family, and Jonestown, but this might be your first time reading the story of a vampire cult led by Marcus Wesson. The members of this cult were members of Wesson’s own family. This is an unsettlingly, graphic account of the real-life tragedy that took place in 2004.

The details are so unbelievable, they seem like a work of fiction, yet they are all true. Perhaps you haven’t heard of this vampire cult, the murders involved, or the name Marcus Wesson, but after reading this story, you are guaranteed to never forget.

Grab your copy now and enter the darkest fantasy that you won’t believe is a reality.

Losing Me (Invisible child Book 2)

by Mary Hayward

2nd book in the series. Mary’s true story continues as an inseparable school friendship develops between Mary and Joyce. With fun and laughter as the teenagers live through the swinging sixties. You never know what form it will take, this challenge that comes to you in life. Nothing prepares you for a it, the heartbreak and despair, as these increasingly desperate homeless young mothers, join the world of the single parent, and Mary is alone once more.

Breaking Free (Invisible Child Book 3)

by Mary Hayward

This is the 3rd book in the series following Mary’s life. Sleeping with the enemy was never more true. It is the inspiring true story of one women’s struggle to break free. Mary, now a homeless, her best friend shot, and a single parent, fights to rebuild her life and seeks refuge in a new marriage where she expects love and happiness; instead she suffers violence and abuse. Will her new baby solve her problems?
Breaking Free is the story of survival, courage and determination. Know what it is like to be manipulated and beaten in a marriage. How did Mary escape? Feel the power of freedom when the cage door opens. A feisty battle of wits, mind games, and more. This women never gives up, you better believe it!

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