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Repo Girl: A Fun Action Adventure Romance

by Jane Fenton

Debt, Dating, and a Dead body…
What’s a girl to do?

Twenty-five-year-old rookie Repo Agent, Andrea Sloan, doesn’t like accepting help from anyone – especially not arrogant musicians who are too charming for their own good. Even though she swore off men years ago, Andi finds herself drawn to handsome rockstar Cooper Barnett as he continually pops up in her life when she least expects it.

Their budding relationship becomes even more complicated when Cooper talks Andi into letting him ride-along on one of her repos, and they come across a very naked, very dead body. Being charged with murder and spending a night in jail is bad enough, but when the police don’t seem to be making any headway on finding the real killer, Andi begins to do her own investigation – much to the frustration of the homicide detective in charge.

The closer she gets to discovering the killer, the more her own life is in danger. Time is running out. Andi must figure out who the killer is before she goes to prison for a crime she didn’t commit or, worse, becomes the next dead body.

Here and Now: A Whimsical Take on God

by Jeff Stilwell

Internationally enjoyed illustrator and humanist thinker Jeff Stilwell takes us on a journey that begins in ancient history, in the land of Ur, where God making was all the rage. Pursuing that thread through the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to the present day, we discover that we don’t need to make up gods to explain things anymore. Since we all come accessorized with an expiration date, Stilwell encourages us all to make the most of this life we have to live, here and now.

Starring Stilwell’s freethinking alter-ego Thrashin’ Jack and his friend Lotus, Here and Now features over one hundred delightful and charming comics illuminating the story.

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“Stilwell covers the most complex topicsâ??the problem of evil, what makes all the different priests and leaders so sure of themselves, quantum physicsâ??by way of his endearing comics. You almost need the illustrations to break up the minimal narrative, so you can take at least a moment to ponder whether you want to dispute any of his statements…That’s a lot of heft for a mere cartoon book to carry, and yet Here and Now manages it.”
—Susan Perry, Creative Atheist,

“Here and Now is funny, concise, and timely. A must read for the atheists and, more importantly, the theists among us.”
—Tom Smith, Secular Radio,

“Stilwell’s comical illustrations will help you visualize how religion was made. The process the book walks you through is amazing. A great and interesting read!”
—Amanda Brown, President, We Are Atheism,

“While the elementary level language and comic-strip style artwork makes it easy to miss the complex ideas just under the surface, there are deep currents hiding beneath what at first glance seems like a very shallow experience…Stilwell has deftly put together a great primer for understanding an atheist worldview. Where Hitchens and Dawkins put believers on the defensive with brutal attacks on religious thinking, this book takes a different approach. It manages to build a foundation to explain atheist ideas without being threatening. I could see a lot of people using this book as a tool to help friends and family members understand why they think how they do. Also, because it’s so accessible, it would be valuable for introducing atheist ideas to kids….However it might be used, Here and Now is a valuable addition to the body of atheist literature.”
—Dave Brouillette, The Atheist Soundingboard

“A really good story!”
—Sam Mulvey, Ask An Atheist Radio


“â?¦as a mother, I can use this book not only for myself, but also for my children. The author outlines the history of religion simply without losing depth of great wisdom or insight. It is humorous, concise and a thought provoking adventure as you travel through time with the playful character, Thrashin’ Jack.”
—Victoria Milliken

“A wonderfully brief but thought provoking read. Something that can be read in minutes, and thought about for a lifetime.”
—Jeff Lin

“When you take away all the supernatural magic that surrounds religion, and explain religion in a clear-eyed, matter-of-fact manner, you get Here and Now.”
—Rita Boyland White

“Stilwell’s little book brings clarity and sums up all of the thoughts, questions and beliefs I’ve had over the years regarding this important question: Is there a god?”
—Michael Arnold

“Jeff Stilwell’s new book, Here and Now, truly has the awesome potential to change your life. Or at least your thinking, which, in turn, will change your life.”
—Suzanne Schaefer

The Curate, Elvis and the Killorglin Riots

by Thomas Kennedy

The new Curate is implicated in the murder of ‘Big Breno’ the drug dealer. The Legion of the Sodality of Irishmothers of Seven or More take him under their wing aided by Kathy the Leather Queen and the ladies of Strimmers. When the Curate is released on bail disguised as Elvis events take a turn for the worse….

A comic tale of farce and disorder told through conversation in the snug of Mulligans Pub in Dublin City, Ireland.

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