Free literary fiction Kindle books for 28 Jun 18

Qualia, Pierce, & the Time Ship: A Marriage in Four Parts

by Russell Kightley

Qualia is an elderly widow, dying alone in her bedroom. Suddenly, she’s a young housewife in a psychiatrist’s office, explaining how she’s hearing voices in the walls of her houseâ??and how her husband, Pierce, is ignoring her. Then, she meets a friend for coffee. It all seems natural, but it’s notâ??there’s something wrong with her world. She’s given a slender book full of clues, and a little dog full of surprises by two complete strangers. No one wants to take her money, except her disbelieving psychiatristâ??and Pierce pays for him. Did Pierce write the book to drive her mad? Is her doctor part of the plot? Can she trust anyone except the talking wall? Bit by bit, she peels back the mystery. But there’s moreâ??there’s always more.

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