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How Not to Get Divorced: Powerful Principles to Help You Prevent Divorce and Have a Happier Marriage

by Michael Caputo

Divorces are a nightmare and the long term consequences are agonizing for all concerned; but there are steps that can be taken to prevent the nightmare of divorce from entering your life. The author of, HOW NOT TO GET DIVORCED has been a family counselor for over three decades and has been married to the same woman for 37 years. In his honest, and straight-forward style, he offers you simple, yet powerful principles that can help you set aside the divorce option and instead transform your marital relationship for the better. All it takes is the willingness to break the negative cycle that is destroying your relationship, by implementing some basic and very effective principles and by framing it all with the determination to save that which is sacred and precious: your marriage. Michael Caputo (Family Counselor, Educator and Minister)
“Are you at the end of your rope? Do you feel like your relationship is deteriorating daily before your eyes? Well this book can help you get to the root of the problem. Michael Caputo is very good at straight talk and if you are open to listening to him he can help you understand where you are going wrong and how you can do the right thing.”
(Rebecca, Reader)

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