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Wilderness Survival Skills: Your Actions During a Forest Fire Including First Aid Tactics: (How to Survive in the Wilderness, Prepping, Survival Books)

by Prepper Sam

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Wilderness Survival Skills

Your Actions During a Forest Fire Including First Aid Tactics

Have you ever been to a forest? Or have you ever planned a hiking trip in the mountains and the forests with your friends? You might feel like going on an adventure trip with your friends and have the time of your life. But wait, are you completely prepared for your trip? Do you even know what is the meaning of being prepared?

About being prepared we do not talk about taking a lot of clothes and shoes and your cameras and teeth brushes! But we talk about your first aid basic supplies your survival strategy knowledge that you must have when you are going to a forest or for a hiking trip!

If you are going to the forest or for hiking you must have a backpack which is fully loaded with the survival stuff that you might be needing incase of an emergency such as wild animals coming to attack you or a great fire erupting that can kill you.

In order to be prepared, you should not only have knowledge about how to survive but also have the necessary items that can save you. This book will act as a survival guide for you which you can follow in order to be safe from the wildlife or from the fire.

If you are an adventure seeker, then you must get this book for sure because this book will make you trained in order to get yourselves and your family and friends safe from any kind of emergencies. It mentions all about the tricks that can help you to be safe from the fire, how to escape the location of fire, how to avoid going to those areas where there is a likely chance of fire erupting and spreading.

This book is divided in the following chapters:

  • First aid basics for wilderness
  • Survival strategies that you should know in order to avoid forest fires

Get this book, read it chapter wise so that you can get to know all about how to survive forest fires and how to avoid injuries and stay safe. This book can be of great help specially to those who love to adventure and discover new places and new hiking tracks. We wish you a very happy read with this book!

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