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All Lathered Up

by Dahlia Donovan

When a quintessential good girl meets a self-professed bad boy in school, they’ve no idea how long their friendship will last.

Neither of them can imagine life without the other.

Neither realises they’ve gone and fallen in love.

Violet St. John went from playground nerd to delicately tattooed flower child. She grows herbs and flowers, making soap to sell in her little boutique in Fowey, Cornwall.

Geoffrey Edgar Baines IV sows his wild oats to spite his family. With his father losing their fortune, he’s forced to grow up quickly. He now tries to change the world for the better.

Hundreds of exchanged postcards over the past five years carry their hearts away without either of them even seeing it.

One not so gentle nudge from friends sends them tumbling toward a potential happily ever after.

How could they not fall in love?

It was in the cards after all.

A Field of Fireflies

by Joey Jones

Growing up, Nolan Lynch’s family was unconventional by society’s standards, but it was filled with love, and his parents taught him everything he needed to know about life, equality, and family. A baseball player with a bright future, Nolan’s on his way to the major leagues when tragedy occurs. Six years later, he’s starting over as the newest instructor at the community college in Washington, North Carolina, where he meets Emma Pate, who seems to be everything he’s ever dreamed ofâ??beautiful, assertive, and a baseball fan to boot.

Emma Pate’s dreams are put on hold after her father dies, leaving her struggling to keep her family’s farm. When a chance encounter with a cute new guy in town turns into an impromptu date, Emma finds herself falling for him. But she soon realizes Nolan Lynch isn’t who she thinks he is.

Drawn together by a visceral connection that defies their common sense, Emma’s and Nolan’s blossoming love is as romantic as it is forbidden, until secretsâ??both past and presentâ??threaten to tear them apart. Now, Nolan must confront his past and make peace with his demons or risk losing everything he loves . . . again.

Emotionally complex and charged with suspense, A Field of Fireflies is the unforgettable story of family, love, loss, and an old baseball field where magic occurs, including the grace of forgiveness and second chances.

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