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â??Leaving the Nestâ? @ 21: Pre-Internet â??Coming of Ageâ? Journal

by Jack Salk

This is a 1987 Journal/Diary from a 21-year-old with character-dialogue added, for your reading pleasure.
Chuck Hartfield is struggling with “coming of age” during the outset a personal crisis. This story includes the realization and pressures that a young person faces, until the decision is made to fly the coop. He sets his eyes on San Diego, California, in search of a room, job, school and car.

The social aspect of a white soldier in a diverse National Guard unit out of Queens, New York, is explored. There are incidents of discrimination. Chuck is nearly thrown out of a truck for not passing a social test of his loyalty.

Chuck helps his Utah girlfriend move to New York as a mother’s helper. Although he is not religious, he attends church activities to find a nanny offering a referral for her replacement. During the process, he learns that there are many attractive, young women from Utah in the same situation.

Chuck discovers he can make friends from Utah who are also living in New York by going to church activities for young, single adults. The social benefit of being around people from home helps with his adjustment to New York.

The ratio of young, single, adult females to males is about 10:1, due to the proliferation of mother’s helpers in the area. The social structure of Utah girls living in New York gives Chuck a “shot in the arm” at a time of wrenching, identity crisis and culture shock.

The story dives into the middle-class struggle of living with parents and an older brother who work while Chuck plans to continue his education. The prospect of going to college full-time while living with his family becomes weak because of the cost of living in the New York City metropolitan area.

Traditional family and cultural influences can be examined over the arc of the story from Chuck feeling pushed out of the home until his arrival in San Diego, California. Chuck searches for a room and job while registering for college and transferring to a new unit of the National Guard.â??

Aim for Justice

by Ken Dickson

A respected engineer and devoted family man undergoes an unplanned surgery and then spirals into mental illness because of unconscionable treatment he receives in our medical and mental health systems. When he finally takes a stand against his uncaring health professionals, a judge unexpectedly punishes him by stripping him of his Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Despite his traumatic ordeal, he struggles back to normalcy and then takes aim at the impossible: clearing his mental health record and reinstating his right to bear arms.

Aim for Justice is a fast-paced, emotionally taut, and inspiring true story that offers a unique perspective of mental illness and gun rights, and shows just how far one man will go to reclaim a life that was unjustly taken from him.

A Killer in the Nudist Colony: The Bizarre Story of Amy Dechant

by Pete Crow

A True Crime anthology headlined by the bizarre story of Amy Dechant. Amy was looking for a new lease on life when she moved to Las Vegas. She owned a successful cleaning company and developed an insatiable passion for the poker tables. She would meet Bruce Weinstein in one of the casinos and the two immediately hit it off. But shortly after their meeting, Bruce disappeared. She told his mother that he simply went out and never came back. But she told police that a gang of mobsters came and kidnapped the bookie. Bruce was later found in a shallowe desert grave and authorities arrested Amy in Maryland. She made bail then promptly disappeared again…Heading straight for a nudist colony as authorities struggled to locate her. How long would Amy be able to evade the long arm of the law?

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