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The Top Keto Cookbook: How To Eat And Improve Your Health

by Emily Hobbs

The Top Keto Cookbook

Have you ever thought that losing weight can be very simple? Do you want to have a slender body? Do you want to be healthy and robust? Want to improve blood sugar and not be prone to diabetes? Then this book is for you!

With this book you will never be hungry and will be full of energy and energy!

The Top Keto Cookbook includes:

  • What is ketosis? Low-Carb, High-Fat kitchen
  • How to calculate calorie intake for a ketogenic diet
  • 70 simple and easy recipes for every day
  • The formula contains the cooking time, a portion, ingredients, caloric content and a photo of the finished dish.

The ketogenic diet will be your right decision and help you to steadily. Lose weight and improve your health continuously.

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