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Decision Habits: 7 Real-Life Strategies to Make Better Decisions

by Nicole Robinson

Do you want to make better decisions? Do you want to make decisions faster with more confidence? Are you tired of worrying about if you’ve made the right choice? 

Where you are today is a direct result of past decisions. That means that your future can be what you decide to make of it.

Decision Habits is your how-to guide to making better decisions. The goal of the book is to provide practical strategies to avoid procrastination, knee-jerk decision making and decision regret.


In just a few hours, you’ll learn:

  • the 5-second trick to avoid hasty decisions and get what you really want

  • how to pre-plan decision making to minimize stress, and make better decisions faster

  • the best way to test drive your options (hint: ditch the pros and cons list)

  • the three critical decisions that you only have to make once

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What is a decision habit, anyway?

A decision habit is an automatic approach to decision making. Your decision habits include how you think, feel and behave when faced with a decision.


Some decision habits are helpful, like getting a second opinion, recognizing how your own biases can impact your judgment, and making the right choice, even if it’s scary.

Some decision habits are harmful, like over-analysis, procrastination, and making the easy choice, even when you know that it will harm you in the long run.

The simplest way to achieve your goal is to get your decision habits working for you. In Decision Habits, you will learn to identify and eliminate decision habits that sabotage your success. You will also discover seven practical, actionable strategies to make better decisions. 

DOWNLOAD Decision Habits: 7-Real Life Strategies to Make Better Decisions to build your decision-making muscles.

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