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Real Communism: Democratic Local Self Government: Maximizing Human Needs, not Corporate Profit

by Alan Strelzoff

Our present capitalist system has many problems. These include increasing racism, high unemployment, a broken health system, over centralized unhealthy food production, decaying infrastructure, continuous Imperialist wars, increasingly decadent culture, and mounting debt. Many of us do not necessarily view these problems as resulting from our current Capitalist system. If we do, we think that Capitalism can be reformed. The author argues that all these problems are the result of Capitalism in which a small group of owners of the large corporations dominate the government and use it to obtain the maximum profit possible for themselves. The argument is also made that Capitalism can not be reformed, and that the only way forward is to replace Capitalism with a classless society (as first suggested by Marx and Engels) in which all participate in sharing the world’s resources in a decentralized democratic manner. This would be a Real Communist system as opposed to one which is lead by those who claim to be Communist, but who themselves represent centralized rule by a small elite.

The Bolsheviks (the name of the Communist Party) in Russia had probably good intentions, but due to the circumstances that they were under(as discussed in the book), they made some severe mistakes. In particular, the Bolshevik party took it upon itself to rule in the â??interest of the people’, rather than institute the actual rule of the people themselves. This lead to a centralized dictatorship under the cult of personality of a single â??leader’. We are taught that the Soviet Union was really Communist and thus turned away from considering Communism as the replacement for Capitalism. But as will be shown, the Soviet Union was never Communist, but rather Socialist, a form of Capitalism by the Bolshevik’s own admission. China is not Communist either, but is actually openly Capitalist. The ruling party in China uses the word â??Communist’ to suggest that they are ruling in the name of the â??people’. Fake communists say they are doing everything for the people. Real communists say they want to enable the people to do all things for themselves.

The author also argues that automation makes capitalism increasingly unstable while it works to make life better for all under communism. Real communism is described as a system based on providing human needs not maximizing profits for the large corporations. It is a system without money, but a market system based on needs can be constructed. A large number of readings are provided. The point of the book is to encourage the reader to think critically about our current society, and to consider the possibility of Real Communism.

There are three chapters. The first lists most of the current problems in our Capitalist society. The issue of whether it can be reformed is also discussed. The second chapter deals with the history of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution and the problems encountered by the Bolsheviks that lead them to vector off in the wrong direction. The third chapter describes how an ideal classless society without money and based on satisfying human needs might work. All productive activities are run by small, decentralized, democratically run ‘Enterprises’. Consumers and Enterprises place orders for what they need on appropriate Enterprises. The demand is represented by the length of the request queue. There is also a discussion of the many problems to be dealt with in constructing Real Communism such as incentive, religion, morality, military, and the role of former owners. The overall goal is the construction of one world without national boundaries, without racism and sexism, and without war.


by Jeff Hearn

First published in 1992. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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