Free religious fiction Kindle books for 29 Jun 18

Amish Departure

by Deidra Scott

Lizzy is part of an Amish family whose grandfather receives notice that a distant relative has left him some a considerable amount of money. The members of their family soon allow the dollar signs to cloud their Christian values. Even the conservative grandfather allows himself to be seduce by the thought of distributing the money as he sees fit, which includes fixing various things around the town such as the church and school. Will they allow the thought of extreme wealth to poison their values? Will Lizzy let the money get in the way of her new romance?

God Child

by G.B. Brulte

Jennette finds a lost boy on the beach in Southern California. When she asks him who he is, he says that his name is ‘God’.

Security and social services can’t find a mother or a father in the vicinity, and there are no reports of a missing child that match his description. Jennette offers to watch over the young boy for the weekend, and she is actually granted permission by the authorities to do so.

The little boy takes the name, Alpha, because he says he likes it better than Omega. Strange occurrences begin to happen, almost immediately, starting with a gathering of whales and dolphins just off the coast of the Hotel Del Coronado…

Hidden Currents (Lantern Beach Mysteries Book 1)

by Christy Barritt

You can take the detective out of the investigation, but you can’t take the investigator out of the detective.

A notorious gang puts a bounty on Detective Cady Matthews’s head after she takes down their leader, leaving her no choice but to hide until she can testify at trial. But her temporary home across the country on a remote North Carolina island isn’t as peaceful as she initially thinks.

Living under the new identity of Cassidy Livingston, she struggles to keep her investigative skills tucked away, especially after a body washes ashore. When local police bungle the murder investigation, she can’t resist stepping in. But Cassidy is supposed to be keeping a low profile. One wrong move could lead to both her discovery and her demise.

Can she bring justice to the island . . . or will the hidden currents surrounding her pull her under for good?

Mail Order Bride: Hannah’s Dilemma (The Mail Order Bride Express Book 1)

by Mary L. Briggs

If Hannah doesn’t get out of Henson, Missouri fairly soon, she will find herself married to the local banker. A man that sends shudders down her spine at the very sight of him. So, when she reads Inez Pollard’s advertisement for The Mail Order Bride Express, she promptly applies and is accepted. On her way to Silver Ridge, Colorado, she is confident that she has left her troubles behind. But has she?

Ross Pollard is a man with a lot on his mind. And his mother’s crazy scheme to bring brides to Silver Ridge is just another problem for him to deal with. The last thing he needs to complicate his life is romance, but when he sets his eyes on Hannah Stillman, all of his resistance is bound to melt.

Hannah’s Dilemma is the first in a four book Mail Order Bride Series from Mary L. Briggs, author of the popular novella The Stagecoach Bride and The Chance Creek Brides Series.

Spring in Lilac Glen: (A small town sweet romance)

by Angie Ellington

Julianne Baker seemingly has it all. Working for a nationally published nature and gardening magazine in Manhattan and leading a glamorous life in the Big Apple….or is she? Julianne returns to her hometown of Lilac Glen, Georgia to dig into an article on family-based nurseries and floral businesses; something she already knows plenty about.

Julianne meets Tucker Case, a handsome investor and real estate manager who is trying to fit in as a farm owner in the town he now calls home. As days get longer, and spring starts to reawaken, will flowers be all that bloom?

Join Julianne as she opens her heart to new adventures while learning to take life a little slower down back roads; bending with the curves instead of against them.

Small Town Romance
Sweet Romance
Clean and Wholesome

Against All Odds

by Becca Hart

Two years after a violent break-in left Elizabeth Seymour widowed and with blood on her hands, she’s finally starting over in the little town of Avalon, Ohio, with her daughter, Haley. She has the house of her dreams, a good church, and friends she can rely on. Everything seems to be falling into placeâ??until she receives a threatening note from Veronica Sadowsky, the sister of the man Elizabeth shot, the same woman who tried to ruin her life once before. This time, though, Veronica won’t stop until she gets revenge.

When Elizabeth’s home goes up in flames, she turns to family friend, Doctor Gilbert Callahan, a widowed father of three. He invites her and Haley to stay with his family. As Veronica draws Elizabeth into a game of increasing stakes, she and Gilbert only grow closer, learning to trust and rely on one another. But Elizabeth’s presence in Gilbert’s home endangers his family and creates tension with his oldest son. Preserving peace in the house is hard enough, but when Veronica comes after Haley, Elizabeth will risk everythingâ??including her lifeâ??to get her child back.

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