Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Jun 18

Bride Tree (Secrets of Versailles Book 2)

by JP Robinson

The year is 1789. France is reeling under the impact of a civil war between its social classes. When a secret agent from Rome joins forces with a vindictive politician bent on revenge, the stage is set for an explosive outcome that will shake the country to its core.

Meanwhile, Queen Marie-Antoinette engages the help of her lady-in-waiting, Viviane de Lussan, in a desperate battle to keep her throne… and her head. But how can she win a struggle she seems fated to lose?

Amid the chaos of the revolution, Viviane’s heart is torn between a nobleman who sacrifices everything for her and a peasant who promises true freedom.

Saturated with suspense and lavish detail, Bride Tree combines  elements of alternative history with Biblical allegory. The result is a  romantic thriller that will grab you by the heart and never let go.

Washita!: Weird Custer

by William Sumrall

In the historical fiction, “WASHITA! Weird Custer” the author draws heavily from historical anecdotes and completely jumps the rail with his speculations as to what really occurred on the Washita that early November morning, back in 1868.

In WASHITA! Weird Custer, the author resurrects a retinue of colorful villains from the dustbins of history. The conniving, self serving General William Tecumseh Sherman, General “Little Phil” Sheridan, and the schizophrenic President Andrew Johnson just to name a few.

No Weird Custer novel would be complete without the Custer women – here, as you’ve never seen them before!

Custerphiles and Custerphobes! Set aside your bickering and come join the party! You’ve all been educated as to what one establishment or another wants you to think about the Massacre at the Washita. Now, come along and see it from Sumrall’s point of view…

November, 1868 finds peace loving, Army fearing Chief Black Kettle startled from beneath his buffalo fur blankets in the warmth of his tepee. Once more, the bane of the Cheyenne – George Armstrong Custer, arrives unannounced and uninvited to a little “pow wow” of his own machinations.

Custer finds more than he bargained for in the infamous attack on the unsuspecting village, when he rifles through loot stolen from the homesteads of murdered settlers.

The historical fiction sheds light on the schizophrenic, bi-polar President Johnson – under pressure to take action against the depredations of the Cheyenne. He chooses Custer to be the instrument of his corrective policy.

Undermanned and outgunned, the exasperated General Sheridan receives news from General Sherman that he is about to receive a massive infusion of arms and soldiers, with Lieutenant Colonel Custer as the leader of the attack force.

Deep inside the Oklahoma Indian Territory, Chief Black Kettle can’t control his restless young braves, who return from another raid on homesteads – loaded with scalps, loot, and captives. The pacifistic chief, along with his peace loving co-chief Little Rock are worried. Black Kettle is concerned that the Army may attack at anytime; he’s paranoid – and he needs to be. He decides to relocate his camp the following morning.

Custer’s wife, Elizabeth and his sister, Margaret hold down the fort back in Fort Dodge, Kansas. But they don’t do it alone – they’ve got their close friend Beverly and their maid – the escaped former slave, Eliza.

The moving orb of oscillating colors that was present on the morning of the attack has often been ascribed to being the planet Venus – the Morning Star. But was it really? Or could it have been something else…

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