Free humour Kindle books for 30 Jun 18

Just Jokes

by Joe Adams

Is this the greatest book ever? Definitely not. So, what is it good for? Well, it should be good for a laugh, possibly even more than one. As the cover subtly hints, it contains jokes. Several hundreds of them, all carefully selected and not very carefully categorized. Work, fun, family, doctors, nations, animals and more; the subjects vary wildly and the same goes for length and age, but at least they are funny. Oh yes, they are! Some are clean, some are dirty and some are downright nasty, but they are all funny. Or so they say.

A word of warning: A lot of the book’s contents are positively not for kids and language is a thing to watch out for throughout. Also, the title is not accidental; these are just jokes. They are meant to make people laugh and are not to be taken seriously. No offense is intended whatsoever, but if by any chance some jokes do offend you, feel free to offend them right back.

Third Time Lucky Notting Hill Gossip

by Victoria Browne

Four good friendsâ??sensible Sarah, complicated Laura, too-cool-for-school high school teacher Beth, and funky hairdresser Jessâ??are back together in New York City. Somehow, they have managed to stay friends through tough times; however, the girls are heading for another bumpy ride. How well do they really know each other?

Sarah has planned a two-month visit to New York, where she will help her friend Kevin set up his new British teashop in the heart of Manhattan. Leaving behind her Notting Hill studio flat, Sarah heads to the Big Apple with tea bags at the ready.

With Christmas looming, Sarah gets the present of a lifetime when she meets Nathan Dixon, a famous Formula 1 driver, while working in the teashop. Sarah, who would never cast judgment on anyone, must now deal with the whole country casting judgment on her!

With Christmas over, a celebrity New Year’s Eve party is the perfect platform for Laura to create a night Sarah will never forget. Can Jess and Beth protect Sarah from Laura again, or is Laura the one that needs protecting?

Sarah returns home to Notting Hill, hoping to regain a normal life, but Laura has other plans for Sarah.

There’s a fine line between love and obsession…

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