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From Fear to Freedom, My Journey: 3 Steps to Overcome Your Past and Find Freedom

by Hena Husain

Is fear holding you back from achieving your goals in health, wealth, and relationships?

It took me decades to understand how the trauma of my past was affecting my self-esteem, my ongoing relationships, and my personal happiness. Even once I reached this understanding, it still took me years to find a way to truly overcome these horrific experiences. To realize that I had a choice, and that choice could be happiness. To forgive and move on.

I don’t want other victims to live their lives in fear.

This is why I’ve written about my experiences of trauma and overcoming in my forthcoming book: From Fear to Freedom: My Journey – 3 Steps to Overcome Your Past and Find Freedom

This book was written for 3 people:

  • Those who have experienced abuse
  • Those ready to overcome their past and find true freedom
  • Loved ones of victims wishing to help through their healing process
  • In this book, I share with you my journey and the unique and powerful tools I used to heal myself of my past. Whoever picks up this book can apply the 3-step process I’ve outlined to be able to overcome their fears and lead joyful, fulfilled lives.

    Wherever you are in this journey to healing, I encourage you to take the next step forward.

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