Free poetry Kindle books for 30 Jun 18

Mother Nature: Earth Bleeding Tears (Mother Nature Anthology Book 1)

by Nicole D’Settemi

Mother Nature, I of III part series is a profound lyrical work by poet and author Nicole D. This is her fifth poetry collection released to date, and centers around many of her original themes of dug abuse. recovery, addiction,. toxic love, feminism and more.
The collection provides crisp, lush visuals alongside the themes, with lyric and stanza pieces dominating the batch of poems. Her metaphoric talent shine brightest in this epical collection, and her rhymes and rhythm are at their absolute peak! This unique collection includes classics such as “Prism of Panic,” and “Distorted Rainbow,” intermixed with the “Route to all Evil Quartet,” “Eyes Leaking Blood,” and “The Long Road,” to name just a few!

GREEN BONES AND STONE: Some very short stories, a few poems and sporatic mumblings

by Don Simmons

Caught in the middle of a turtle stampede,
he knew his death would be a slow one.

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