Free reference Kindle books for 30 Jun 18

Basic Economics in 10 Pages for $0.99: A Glossary of Certain Key Economic Terms

by Benjamin Branfman

Want to understand more about basic economics? Don’t feel like reading a thick textbook? This booklet might be helpful to you. Here’s what you should expect from this booklet: This booklet is NOT a guide for financial decisions; instead, it is a glossary of certain basic economic concepts, with general examples to demonstrate how these concepts can work. This booklet is not an exhaustive list of every economic term, and it is not a substitute for consulting with a professional advisor before making important financial decisions, but if you’d like to understand a bit more about fundamental economic concepts then this booklet can be educational for you.

Sql Interview Question and Answer

by Er. Avnindra Kanaujia

SQL interview questions with answer for beginners and professionals developer and students. This book covers all question with answer of SQL who asked in interview time. This book Helpful to crack SQL or DBMS Developer job. And this also provide exact data which useful for you on the time of interview.


by Maria Herrera

Top 109 Spanish Dalai Lama Quotes will help to expand your Spanish vocabulary in pleasant and meaningful way due to the best thoughts and valuable ideas of Dalai Lama. To facilitate the learning process, words are accompanied by a practical transcription that transmits Spanish sounds.

UK Medical School Starter Pack: Plan Your Successful Medical School Application Journey With Us! (Medefine Education LP Book 1)

by Bogdan Chiva Giurca

Our aim is to widen access to UK medical schools by providing high quality evidence based information, and medical school application mentoring for international students.

This starter pack represents an introduction to each of the seven steps of the application process. Medical students, junior doctors, consultants, and professors share their top tips throughout this interactive workbook to give you a competitive advantage.

This guide can be used as an e-book as well as a printed version. Whenever you struggle, remember that you’re not going through this own your own – you have a team, a family of more than 250 medical students and doctors from all over the UK who are prepared to answer all your questions and motivate you to keep pushing forward.

About Medefine Education:
We are a group of medical students from all over the UK with a passion for medical education aiming to inspire the next generation of medical students. Our aim is to widen access to UK Medical Schools by providing high quality evidence based information and medical school application coaching for students.

We are fortunate to have an amazing team made of international medical students representing almost all 34 UK Medical Schools. They have been in the same situation as you in the past and are now willing to pass on their best tips to help you succeed!

Our passion was born from the frustration that high quality medical school applicants are unsuccessful due to lack of relevant information. Some applicants have never visited the UK and only come here for an interview not knowing what to expect. How much should I know about the UK laws? How about the current affairs of the National Health System? These are some of the most common questions we have encountered along the years from previous applicants.

Due to the fierce competition for admission, it has never been more important to get a competitive advantage. Think about it, who else can help you achieve this if not other medical students who have been in the same position as you, or even more, who may come from the same country as you?

What do we want from you?
All we want from you is enthusiasm and commitment. The harsh truth is that the medical school application process is full of hurdles and can be overwhelming at times. Together we can easily overcome these hurdles and we can make sure you achieve the best result with your application that you can.

What’s in it for us?
We are a non-profit organisation and all profits rose through charity events or external donations are being used to create further resources and to host events. Our ultimate goal is developing an online tutoring platform to connect medical students and international applicants from all over the world!

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