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Memoriam: 100 Poems 100 Years

by Martin Rowe

‘Memoriam’ is a collection of one hundred World War One poems commemorating 100 years since the end of that so called ‘Great War’ in November 1918.

Each poem has been written to deal with a variety of themes such as love, honour, futility, abandonment and waste. Equally no two poems are the same, and while many are set in the trenches of the western front many more are set in different time zones, different places and from different perspectives honouring the far reaching nature and indeed consequences of this war to end all wars.

On a personal note I would like to think that this small poetry collection might serve to bring this most tragic of conflicts to the attention of a new generation. My contribution if you will to the many works already in print that remind us all of the importance of remembrance lest we forget.

For we forget at our peril.

Vampires of World War Two

by Stephen Sanford

Vampires of World War two is a short story of how British intelligence might have used the fear of undead to instill terror and misdirection into German Forces prior to the June 6th, 1944 invasion of Normandy. There is documented evidence of German troops using wooden bullets against allied soldiers on the western front. Did they use wooden bullets because of a Vampire scare concocted by British intelligence?
Vampires of World War two shows how such a physiological warfare operation might have been carried out against the Germans. While a fictional short story, there is enough historical evidence to conclude it was possible. Fiction? Decide for yourself.

ULTA in Ulthar: KAN NI-JYU-GO (Books of ULTAYA) (Japanese Edition)


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Something Borrowed

by Lexi Ostrow

Adrianna couldn’t be happier for her best friend, even if she’d been a bridezilla. When a last minute issue prevents the best man from arriving on time, her best friend’s older brother, Jaxon, stands in for him and walks Adrianna down the aisle. A borrowed Best Man turns into a romantic encounter that is quickly complicated thanks to his career in the Marines.

Jaxon wasn’t ready for Adrianna. He’d watched her grow up, and yet, he hadn’t truly seen her until she’d met him at the end of the aisle in a pale purple dress. Years of a semi-friendship flamed into a one-night stand he didn’t want to lose. His world was difficult, but he knew it was better with her in it.

What started as a simple wedding partnering was quickly turning into love. Communication and a short visit prove to Jaxon and Adrianna they were meant to be. They’ll just have to make it to the end of Jaxon’s deployment to see what something borrowed can really turn into.

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