Free war Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

American Prepper: A Story of the Coming Collapse

by Gn. Frank Bates

American Prepper is an epic tale of nail-biting, goose bump-raising and spine-tingling survivalist excitement for all readers.

The Ebola Virus is scheduled to end life as we know it. The 1% threat to the USA that has loomed for so long has finally hit home. In all truthfulness, we have teetered and tottered on the brink of disaster for quite a long time. This one natural disaster has finally pushed us above the limit.

This book will bring you through twists and turns. You will be presented with an action-packed way that will take you through a journey. You will enjoy the unfolding of such events, conflict, and resolutions.

With the striking of a powerful, life-altering hurricane, you will find out what it is like to rebuild the life that is around you. From political interference, all the way to the doctor’s medical and moral duty toward his patients, will the right decisions be made? Only time will tell.

The story is easy to understand way and simple language. All the events, twists and turns lead to the outcome of breath-taking.

In short, the novel will win your attention, and arouse some strong feelings about our government.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

The Last Aliyah

by Mark Alan Leslie

Aliyahâ??Going Home!

The United Nations resolution that changed Omri Zohn’s life ricocheted across America and around the world. They must activate the escape route for the last aliyah, the final return of God’s chosen people to their homelandâ??if they can flee.

When the United Nations bans Jewish emigration to Israel and the US Senate acquiesces, leading nuclear fusion and a cloaking-technology scientists join in a daring escape plan. Will a modern-day Underground Railroad be able to get them out of the country before Homeland Security forces hone in and capture them?

Dripping with tension, The Last Aliyah takes us to that place few want to go: What will happen to America if it “curses” the apple of God’s eye, the Jews?

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Free horror Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

The Blood Bees And Other Unnerving Tales

by Jerry Gerold

A demonic being is haunting a young woman. A little girl speaks to a war veteran through his radio. An ancient pharaoh is reaping people’s souls. Mr. Pall, Sam’s Old Philco and Blood Bees, plus three other stories are included in this short story collection. (Includes the previously published stories Opopanax Lighthouse, First Gold and Penelope’s Vines.)

Zombie Bytes

by Tracy Wilson

Haunted by the memory of a near death accident, the life of former paramedic Sarah Eichman wasn’t easy. But when the harsh reality of the apocalypse hit, coping with life’s ups and downs took on a new meaning. With the dead marching to consume the world, Sarah and her best friend rely on each other to survive. Not only must they fight their own fears, the risks presented by other survivors threaten to rip away their humanity.

Will they become something far worse than the monsters they face or will their actions guarantee a better future? Guided by fear and strengthened by courage, these two friends will fight against the odds…or
die trying.

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Free sports Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

Dominate: Become a Point Scorer and Get the Little Voices to Talk (The Wrestling Writing Singles Series Book 6)

by JohnA Passaro

Why Dominate?
We have all seen the contest where a person in a bank vault has a limited amount of time to grab as much money as possible.
If it were you, would you stop grabbing money after you had “just enough” in your hands?
Would you stop grabbing money when there were only 60 seconds left?
Would you ever be too tired to keep grabbing more money?
Obviously, not.
Because the reward of what that money can do for you overrides any of the reasons to stop.
A wrestling match is the same type of contest.
You need to have the same kind of mindset.
To a wrestler, points are money.
In each match, you have 360 seconds to score as many points as possible.
When the whistle blows, the allure of scoring points must override any and all obstacles.
Have a safe lead?
Need to score more points.
Have short time?
Need to score more points.
Have a fear of losing?
Need to score more points.
As like with the money grab, the only time you stop scoring points is when there is no time left in the contest.
“Dominate: Become A Point Scorer And Get The Little Voices To Talk”
is part of the “The Wrestling Writing Singles Series”
Each single captures the people and culture of the greatest sport on earth and is written true to length, ranging from 30-50 pages. These singles are purposefully designed to be written short and concise.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

SURVIVOR: A Story of The Coming Grid Collapse

by Above Average Joe

The United States of America is no longer regarded as a Super Power.

The power grid has collapsed and society is frightened for what the future holds. Life has ended as we know it.

We have toy’ed with brink of disaster for long enough. This one disaster has finally pushed us to the limit.

Read this story to learn what happens next…

Project Bright Star (Return to Earth)

by Kristin Durfee

A once thought failed secret mission to colonize a distant planet, named 0X3B1, is discovered to have been successful when descendants of that mission return to Earth fifty-one years after their grandparents left, much to the surprise, and fear, of the world.
A short story from Return to Earth.


Q – What is Return to Earth?

A – In Return to Earth, ten authors unite to interpret how humankind would react to the arrival of extraterrestrials who happen to be human. The stories range in setting from recent history to far future. This is the second project by the Alvarium Experiment, a consortium of accomplished and award-winning authors.

Q – Where should a reader start when selecting a short story to read in Return to Earth?

A – Each story is self-contained and can be read in any order. The reader is free to select any of the stories at random to begin their experience. The book description will explain the setting for each particular story.

About the Author

KRISTIN DURFEE grew up outside of Philadelphia where an initial struggle with reading blossomed into a love and passion for the written word.

She is the author of the Four Corners Trilogy. Book One Four Corners is currently available. Book Two Two Worlds is scheduled to be released in Fall 2016. She is working on the final installment of Four Corners Trilogy entitled One Earth as well as a short story entitled Revenge From Within that will be featured in Thrill of the Hunt 2, a collection of suspense tales.

Kristin currently resides outside of Orlando, FL, and when not enjoying the theme parks or Florida sun, she spends most of her time with her husband and their quirky dogs.

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Free science Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

Manipulation: 31 Powerful Techniques to Secretly Manipulate, Persuade and Influence People

by Leonard Moore

Discover 31 Powerful Techniques You Can Use To Manipulate, Influence And Persuade Anyone

Do you think that brainwashing people only happens in movies? Do you think that taking advantage of the subconscious mind is something only crazy people would try to do?

The truth is, as human beings we’re imperfect. We have weaknesses. And if you study and get to know these weaknesses you’ll have a huge power in your hands. When you master the right manipulation techniques, the real ones, it is completely possible to influence other people’s thinkings and make them do what you desire.

Following the great success of Leonard Moore’s first book on manipulation, in this new guide you’ll find 31 even more powerful techniques to manipulate and persuade anyone, the ones that can easily give you access to almost anybody’s mind. By learning and applying them, you will have the chance to create a great positive change in your life and reach your goals faster.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • 31 Powerful Techniques To Manipulate, Influence And Persuade Anyone
  • Using The Power Of Scarcity To Make Others Do What You Want
  • How To Use Stories To Influence And Persuade Others
  • How To Justify Your Behavior With The Rationalization Technique
  • Using Blame Or Guilt To Influence Others
  • The Different Techniques To Manipulate Emotional And Logical People
  • Presenting Information And Statistics At Your Advantage
  • Proven NLP Manipulation Techniques
  • How To Persuade Others Using The Home Ground Advantage
  • The Fear-Relief Cycle
  • How To Make Other Do What You Want Using Unreasonable Requests
  • Tips And Trick To Make You Own Manipulation Techniques
  • How To Master Body Language To Influence People
  • And Much, Much More

Open your eyes and get in control of your life today!

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The Diabetes Code: Diet, Myths and Prevention of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes


The author of the book The Diabetes Code: Diet, Myths and Prevention of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes describes in detail the causes of the disease and provides practical advice for preventing diabetes.
Christopher Hoges offers a simple way through which patients with diabetes can live a full life and be happy.
After reading this book, you will be able to understand the disease, find out about the common myths and misconceptions which hinder optimal disease management.
Christopher Hoges’ book helps reduce prevalence of diabetes among adults and children.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn about:
– what is diabetes
– whether diabetes can be cured
– first aid treatment for hypoglycemic attack
– the most common misconceptions about diabetes
– diabetes diet and eating habits
– the worst foods for diabetes
– how to prevent diabetes
Buy Diabetes code: diet, myths and prevention of type 1 and 2 diabetes at a special price and keep diabetes at bay!

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Free romance Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

Menages Forever

by Ruby City Books

Lose yourself in the heat of the moment with this arousing collection of steamy romance short stories.

Menages Forever

Reno This
Bed and Beyond
Duping the Earl
Office Party Menage
Fun in the Sun
My Polyamorous Life

This eBook is intended for adult eyes only!

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Free politics and current events Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

Mister Sugar

by Logan Fox

“Three can keep a secret. If two are dead.” Benjamin Franklin

A seductress hunting for her sugar daddy strikes gold with Mr. Sugar. But he has a closet full of skeletons…

Drew Sugar had the perfect life. A beautiful home, a doting daughter, a loving wife. But the violent car accident that claimed his wife, Juliet, shattered his picturesque world. It’s taken him almost a year to piece himself together, and he’s vowed that the disturbing events leading up to that fateful day will never be repeated.

When Angel comes into his life – young and beautiful as sin – he knows she’s just after his money. But he doesn’t care because he’s desperate to fill the void Juliet left behind. And when someone threatens to steal Angel away, he’s determined not to let her go.

Now no one is safe. Mr. Sugar will do whatever it takes to ensure that his disturbing secret remains buried.

Not for the faint of heart.

A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist. For fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, and unpredictable dark thrillers. Don’t miss out on this unputdownable book.

Praise for Mr. Sugar

“There’s nothing ordinary about Mr. Sugar. It’s a study into the twisted minds of L.D. Fox’s characters. Every time I thought I had them figured out, the author threw another curveball that made me choke on my PopTart and hyperventilate as my brain tried to comprehend what was happening.” – Miss Betty’s Book Reviews (5 stars)

“Such a compelling, powerful storyline.” – Goodreads Reviewer (5 stars)

“These characters are so intertwined that you have no idea how it’s going to end till it does.” Goodreads Reviewer (5 stars)

“This book turned out to be nothing like I thought it would be. The twists and turns kept me on the edge of my seat. Mr. Sugar had me hooked!” – Goodreads Reviewer (5 stars)

“Great characters who have great chemistry and interaction that pull you into their story. You won’t want to put it down.” – Goodreads Reviewer (5 stars)

“I couldn’t put it down. I was caught up in the suspense and, unusually for me, got it completely wrong.” – Goodreads Reviewer (5 stars)

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Free literary fiction Kindle books for 31 Jul 18

From the Desk of a Smiffy Trumpkin: A Literary Collection

by Mimi Starbrick

Mimi Starbrick is perhaps one of the best authors of our generation. From the Desk of a Smiffy Trumpkin collects her finest works into one volume.

JUST THINKING: A collection of thirty poems by Mimi Starbrick.

LACE ANTELOPE: A collection of fifty-one poems by Mimi Starbrick.

CLOWNS AND THEIR UNDYING LOVE OF BEEF: After intentionally falling down a well, Katty Pramble finds a whole different world. What she finds there is both fascinating and adventure-filled to the brim. However, she soon finds that there is danger afoot! Can she stop the villain? Find out for yourself in Mimi’s sweat-inducing thriller of a novel, “Clowns and Their Undying Love of Beef”.

TRACHEAS: WHY WE LOVE THEM SO: This story shows how a team of two authors can accomplish coherent writing without knowing what each other writes in the previous chapter. Written using styles influenced by the great authors of yesteryear, Ivy and Mimi manage to create a masterwork that not only tugs on the heartstrings, it warms them too. Follow the story of many different characters as they make their way to one dramatic conclusion you will not want to miss!

SHOOT FOR THE MOON: Louis Grassfort wants to be an astronomer, but his parents want him to be a moss sculptor instead. Already a part-time action hero, Louis wants more in life than what he’s got going for him. Over the course of his action-packed-action mission to become an astronomer (which would involve “using his brain”), he meets several interesting characters, including a wizard and his co-workers. Can Louis realize his dreams? Or will his affliction with arbornose and conflict with his parents get in his way!?

THE VERY BEST OF MIMI’S DAILY AFFIRMATIONS & ADVICE: Need some pick-me-ups to boost your self-esteem? Look no further! Mimi Starbrick’s ultimate compilation of affirmations and advice is finally here in The Very Best of Mimi’s Affirmations & Advice. With thirty one go-gettin’ statements, you’ll be able to make it through this month like a piece of cake. Mimi Starbrick is sure to lift your spirits with this confidence building book for all ages!

For only $2.99, you will receive all of Mimi’s greats to date.

Light me the Moon

by Angela Arney


For Diana Stratton, beautiful, blonde, and ambitious, her career was everything. A brilliant businesswoman, her job gave her all the satisfaction she needed – designer dresses, a luxury apartment, a fast car and, eventually, a handsome husband who fitted perfectly into her golden lifestyle.

Her sister, Susan, was the opposite. She had never wanted the bright lights nor a glamorous life, only that her children should be safe and happy and the family vineyard successful enough to keep them that way.

As a family tragedy unfolds, it soon becomes clear that Diana must make a painful choice between her own wishes and the needs of her family, and she must also come to terms with the secret tragedy of her youth.

Angela Arney was born in Hampshire, where she still lives with her husband. She has been a teacher, a hospital administrator and a cabaret singer. Her first novel, Cast the First Stone, was published by Corgi in 1992.

Stunner: A Ronnie Lake Mystery (An Accidental Lady Detective, A Private Investigator Crime, Book 1)

by Niki Danforth

Beautiful. Bright. And possibly, deadly…
This is all Ronnie Lake knows about her potential sister-in-law, Juliana. But she’s determined to find out the truth about her wealthy brother’s new lover before he throws away his happiness, fortune, and quite possibly, his life. Who is this mysterious woman with two lives-and how deep does her deception go?

As a divorced, downsized, 50-something, Ronnie finds herself becoming an “accidental detective” in order to get to the bottom of things. There are unexplained hang-ups when the phone rings. A disturbing package and sketchy characters appear at her wealthy family’s estate outside New York City. It all pushes Ronnie to step out of her privileged life and into a sinister world where people will do just about anything to escape their past. Is Juliana the most desperate of them all?

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Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 31 Jul 18

Dog Lovers United, A Home Forever: Inspirational Dog Stories Of Loyalty, Rescue, Shelter, and Happiness

by Shannon Moore

Dog rescue stories have risen in recent years, as people are more increasingly deciding to rescue dogs and adopt them from homegrown resuce companies and animal shelters. In this wonderful book, Shannon Moore chronicles dogs’ rescue journeys from a tough environment to one of loving and care.

Enjoy several stories of dog portraits; Originating from a turbulent start to a loving, warm, and happy and safe home.

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