Free historical fiction Kindle books for 01 Jul 18

The Storyteller: AMBW Interracial Romance

by S. H.

Nehtiri is a warrior in the great Pharaohs palace. It is her life’s duty to protect his most precious of treasures, his daughters. A voyage is undertaken to the land of Cyprus and the calamity that can be life begins. Suddenly Nehtiri is thrust from warrior to life as a slave and the difference between her old life and new, are almost to much for her to bear. Why, she wonders, have the gods played this cruel trick on her and left her to perish in an unknown land. No longer is she the master of herself. No longer is she able to lead her life in her rightful place as a protector.

Hedwig Courths-Mahler – Folge 100: Ich lieb in dir die ganze Welt (German Edition)

by Hedwig Courths-Mahler

Annedore von Rottberg hat drei Jahre in einem Schweizer Pensionat verbracht. Nun soll sie, da sie Waise ist, bis zu ihrer Volljährigkeit bei ihrem Vormund Graf Rüdiger Lindeck leben. Doch als sie im Schloss ankommt, erwartet sie eine �berraschung: Graf Rüdiger ist nicht da!

Dafür haben sich jedoch seine Stiefgeschwister Lothar und Lilly im Schloss breitgemacht. Sie kommen Annedore scheinbar mit groÃ?er Herzlichkeit entgegen. Die unerfahrene junge Waise ahnt nicht, dass jedes Lächeln nur geheuchelt und Teil eines teuflischen Plans ist …

Noli Me Tángere: A Shortened Version in Modern English with an Introduction and Notes

by Nicholas Tamblyn

Noli Me Tángere, or the Noli, by Philippine National Hero José Rizal has moved readers and influenced the country since it was first published near the end of the 19th Century.

In this edition, the epic story is sharedâ??retaining all of the essential elements and characters from the text of the Spanish originalâ??in a shortened version in modern English with an introduction and notes by Nicholas Tamblyn.

It contains a full list and descriptions of the characters, the originals and translations of Rizal’s quotation and dedication, as well as a lengthy introduction that explores Rizal’s life and the book’s place in the history of the Philippines.

Born of a specific and turbulent time, the interweaving events that comprise the Noli’s narrative are timeless. In short, it is a love story, and the depiction of a society steeped in corruption and, to a degree, a resignation or, worse, a hypocritical acceptance of this state of affairs. By showing the abuse of power by friars and Spanish officials, in Spain’s only colony in Asia towards the end of the 19th Century (the novel was self-published in March 1887 in Berlin, financed by the author’s friend Dr. Maximo Viola), as stated in his dedication Rizal intended to “raise a part of the veil that covers the evil,” while also acknowledging that, as a child of his country, he saw that “I also suffer from your defects and weaknesses.”

The title, Latin for “touch me not”â??in the Bible, at John 20:17, a resurrected Jesus tells the astounded Mary Magdalene: “Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father” (also translated as “don’t touch me,” in the original Koine Greek it is nearest to “cease holding on to me”)â??likely refers to and is a telling injunction to anyone, especially those thought holy or incorruptible, who through their deceit or brutality is a cause of suffering in others.

A unique and unforgettable Philippines classic, and still at the height of its country’s fiction (no other book can claim its place in Filipino literature), this Noli Me Tángere English version captures the passion of its rare historical fiction and classical romance, and the vital artistic achievement of its author, José Rizal National Hero of the Philippines.

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