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Poker Math: Simple, Effective and Advanced Strategies to use Poker Math in the World of Poker

by Kevin Bailey

When it comes to playing poker as effectively as possible, there are two types of players, those who play from their guts and those who use the math behind the game of poker to develop strategies that stand up to players of all skill levels. Needless to say, the second type will always beat out the first. If you want to ensure you are on the winning side the next time you sit down at a table then Poker Math: Simple, Effective and Advanced Strategies to Use Poker Math in the World of Poker is the book for you.

Inside you will find a wide variety of strategies based around cold hard numbers and practical thinking to ensure that, as long as you play with the long-term in mind then you will win out, in the long run, every time. So, what are you waiting for? Stop trying out various plays helter-skelter and add the organization to your poker game that it has been missing. Buy this book today!

Inside you will find
-Strategies for squeezing a profit out of subpar hands by stealing blinds
-Strategies for stealing momentum from other players by blocking their bets
-Strategies for playing from the button for maximum strength
-Strategies for using Minimum Defense Frequency effectively
-Strategies for using over-bets without giving yourself away
-Strategies for succeeding at tournament play
-And moreâ?¦

Fortnite: Save The World: An Updated and Complete Secret Guide to Real Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

by Secret Gamer Guides

Everyone ready to Save The World???

  Let us help!!…

  This guide is here to help you totally dominate at Fortnite: Save The World.  Whether you are on a rescue mission, or doing some long-term building, you’ll learn ALL of the strategies and secret tricks needed to complete more objectives.  The guide will cover everything from activating a storm shield, to describing every single type of Husk and Monster.  

  All the information in this book is a combination of our own playing expertise, research and interviews.  Yes, that’s right – we’ve had extensive conversations with some of the BEST gamers out there – and then edited the huge amount of data into a jam-packed, no-nonsense straight to the point guide. There’s no filler here. We’re sure you can figure out how to download the game yourselves 🙂

  Save The World requires a lot of strategy and planning in order to really become an ADVANCED player.   This guides literally does the thinking for you and walks you through every step needed in order to really understand ALL aspects of the game.  It digs a bit deeper than just listing a bunch of tricks.  There’s some reasoning involved here.  Don’t worry! It doesn’t get to heavy!  It’s just written in a way that will teach you some theory behind Save The World without you even really noticing. 

   Here’s a small glimpse at some of the things you’ll learn inside:

– Missions and objectives
– How to practice building
– All Husks and Monsters (strengths and weaknesses)
– All weapons (descriptions and when to use)
– Sandwiches
– Jump pads
– Harvesting
– Schematics

… and way more!

Yes, this IS a book of tips.

  But it’s also a book of strategies – ones you might not be aware of even if you HAVE been playing a while already.  The cross section of people we have spoken to is so vast, just makes sense that there would be some undiscovered “HIDDEN GEMS” inside for everyone who reads it.  Even advanced players….

  And if you’r just starting out – no problem.   Like we mentioned before, this book walks you through every aspect of the game.   It truly is a complete guide, not only covering everything you need to know from scratch about Save The World, but also providing so many hidden and PROVEN tricks that have gotten advanced players to where they are.  

  But most importantly, HAVE FUN!  That’s really why we are all here hopefully.  Check out the first couple of pages in the ‘look inside’ feature and then scroll up to the BUY NOW button!

  Treat yourself (or your gamer friend) to a book that will seriously open doors when it comes to reaching the next level!!

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