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Confidence For Life: Successful Strategies To Build Self Confidence (Instinctive Living Self Development Book 3)

by Craig W. Hedge

Learn How To Build REAL ROCK SOLID Self Confidence!

‘Confidence For Life: Successful Strategies To Build Self Confidence’, will help you to build authentic confidence in your life, step by step, from the ground up.

This book will:

  • Help you to appreciate who it is you are, and who you are becoming
  • Help you to build solid foundations, and a stronger sense of self worth
  • Dispel the myths about what confidence is supposed to be
  • Awaken you to the existing strengths you already have in your life
  • Reveal the belief traps so you can overcome your limiting beliefs
  • Help you to identify blind spots that might be limiting you
  • Show you the power of language and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Provide evidence and demonstration of confidence in action
  • Encourage you to love and respect yourself and all that you are
  • Help you ask the right questions in your life
  • Help you to identify your role models and behave your way to success
  • Help you to connect with others more authentically and confidently
  • Provide affirmations for work life balance, health, money, and relationships

When we are looking to build confidence and self esteem, we want to ensure that we do it from a position of strength. We need to acknowledge who we are, and build from there.

There is no need for self hypnosis, or to try to be somebody we are not. This is about you authentically being you.

Strategies and approaches are easy to follow in this book, and importantly, they are actionable.

When we start focusing on developing our self confidence, we start building a path to personal freedom. We make the connection that self love is important, and that we matter. This art of self love, if we can call it that, comes from facing our lives, not pretending we are somebody else.

Everyone has value. And everyone has their own level of confidence. The key is to further develop that to its fullest expression.

Healthy confidence books you a ticket to a front row seat in your own life. Self assurance is the goal here. Connecting to that innate sense of who you are, enables your true essence and your inner child to emerge.

Developing our social skills and social confidence is important, however we need to do it in ways that build on who we are.

Wherever we are at in our lives, regardless of anxieties and phobias, we can build confidence. We can build on our strengths, and we can find new ways to express ourselves while being true to ourselves in that process.

Living with anxiety and shyness, for example, is a challenge for many people. This book is focused on building strengths, not identifying, reinforcing, or labeling, real, or exaggerated, weaknesses or conditions in people.

As an experienced and accredited life coach, I have no time for unnecessary or unfair labels. I see potential. I see capability. Confidence is not just further developed, it is also unearthed.

My book Confidence For Life will guide you, and show you, ways how you can step up and start behaving your way to success.


Craig W. Hedge | Accredited Life Coach | Author | Minimalist

Craig is passionate about life transformation, and coaching, guiding, and mentoring people, to build confidence, identify their strengths, and to live and love their lives. 

He lives in beautiful Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.<

Progress Debunked: The Creation-Destruction Balance and Ancient Wisdom’s Primacy

by Samuel W. Thomsen

Despite accelerating technological advances, most of the world remains in dire poverty. Despite the triumph of “family planning” in the West, traditional religions are winning more converts worldwideâ??and having more childrenâ??than the more progress-minded. And despite the 20th century’s seeming victory over Social Darwinism, the end result of Western “progress” is a civilization that uses five times its share of natural resources, leaving the rest of the world to pick up the scraps of our unsustainable growth.
Is progressâ??genuine progressâ??even possible?
Award-winning author and independent scholar Samuel Thomsen engages this question armed with a groundbreaking new argument, employing modern evolutionary theory, Malthusian demographics, and evidence from molecular genetics and anthropology. He leads us to several compelling and surprising conclusions: that the very idea of world progress is logically incoherent; that our oldest traditions contain vastly more wisdom than modern science; and that animate life, in its essence, thrives on a fertile balance of both creation and destruction, both joy and suffering, both good and evil.

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