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Paracord Knots: Tie Different Fusion And Useful Paracord Knots

by Linda Hart

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Paracord Knots: Tie Different Fusion And Useful Paracord Knots

It doesn’t matter if you are a prepper, a firefighter, a mountain climber, a camper, or a craftsman paracord ropes are used by almost every individual these days. If you truly wish to make the most out of this miracle tool, then you have come to the right place.

Learn how to tie different kinds of paracord knots and fusion ties in this comprehensive guide. We have handpicked 20 essential knots that every individual should know how to tie.

We know how complicated knots can be at times. To make things easier for you, we have provided stepwise instructions for every knot along with clear illustrations. In no time, you would be able to tie these essential knots and master the art of paracord fusion ties.

The guide has covered different types of knots, such as plain bends, climbing knots, hitches, loop knots, and a lot more. From building a shelter to creating a weapon and climbing a mountain to making a trap for animals, you can do it all after learning how to tie these knots. Some of the knots that are covered in the book are as follows:

  • Marling Spike Hitch
  • Square Knot
  • Monkey’s Fist
  • Oysterman’s Knot
  • French Sinnet
  • Portuguese Bowline
  • Tautline Hitch
  • Tucked Sheet Bend
  • Zeppelin Bend
  • Sheepshank Knot
  • Carrick Bend, and more

Don’t wait anymore and prepare yourself by learning how to tie these knots. You never know, your newly gained knowledge might end up saving your life some day!

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Marathon and Half-Marathon Training, One Day a Week (It Can Be Done): A New Way to Enjoy Marathoning!

by John Timmerman

Marathon and Half Marathon Training, One-Day-a-Week (It Can Be Done) describes a two-year running challenge completed by the author. The challenge was to determine if someone could successfully complete multiple marathons and half marathons during a two-year timeframe while training only one day per week. Learn if this training method might right for you and how the author came up with this idea and why. This book reveals how the author determined that marathon and half marathon training one-day-a-week is probably viable for many runners by going out and doing it over a two-year timeframe. It describes the author’s varying experiments throughout with weekly mileage amounts and what the effects were physically, and during actual races. There are descriptions of the author’s experiences during the races completed during this timeframe and impressions of previous races he has completed. There is practical advice from an experienced marathon and half marathon runner for those who have never completed one or either race distances. If you are not a marathon of half marathon runner, or are new to this type of running, there is also advice for how to strategize training for, and completing a race. If you enjoy running non-competitively, are otherwise fit, and have limited time to train extensively for a marathon or half marathon, this book might be for you. Even if you are not a runner in any way and are simply curious about what a marathon runner’s life is like, you also might enjoy this book.

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