Free fantasy Kindle books for 02 Jul 18

IF: By Mike and Renee Winterbauer

by Renee Winterbauer

This book has won in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards and in the Pacific Book Awards for 2018!
Discover the impossible quest of a middle-aged court jester named IF as he takes a journey to save his planet while battling his own personal mini-midlife crisis. The setting takes place on the planet Thera with a magical kingdom in the clouds. It is up to IF to find a way to save his beloved kingdom and Queen from a sinister fate. No one knows why the Rainbow of Stars is faltering and causing the planet to turn dark? As the story unfolds, IF makes unlikely alliances with a courageous and driven boy named Chance, the enigmatic and beautiful girl named Whisper, and the magical stallion named Bolt of Lightning. Through their undying love of their planet, unique courage and special talents, this mighty band of heroes joins together to answer the calling of, “What if?”
IF was written and illustrated by a husband and wife team who have created this fantastical and lavishly illustrated story that can be read aloud to children. The story is meticulously and artistically illustrated with hand drawn and painted illustrations; it perfectly weaves the story and characters together in a memorable experience for young and old alike.

Wild Magic (The Veil Chronicles Book 1)

by May Dawney

It only takes one to upset the balance of magic.

The magical barrier known as the Veil is all that stands between our reality and the Otherworld. Those with the gift of magic can pull energy through it to perform miraculous feats of power. The Inquisitio opposes these mages, who have organized themselves within the Society for Psychical Defense. The world of magic is shaken by the awakening of a wild mage, a woman capable of manipulating the Veil itself. She has the power to either eradicate the Inquisitio or rob the mages of their abilities. Only one side can win and it will be the side that gets to the wild mage first.

* * *

Ania Zaleska lives a perfectly ordinaryâ??albeit flounderingâ??life in Poland’s second-biggest city until the day she explodes. She’s dug from the rubble of her apartment building by shadow mage Noah Otieno, whose job it becomes to get Ania’s wild magic under control.

Noah is affiliated with the Society for Psychical Defense but she has kept herself away from magical politics as much as possible. Now she is in charge of potentially the most powerful magical weapon on either side of the war, she must decide how she can best keep her safeâ??especially when their magic brings them together in ways only wild magic can.

This book is for anyone who loves:

  • Fast-paced Paranormal Romance

  • A Unique Magic System

  • Magic-Meets-Science Stories

  • Action Adventure Stories

  • Exciting stories with Strong Female Lead Characters

  • Lesbians!

Howling for Revenge: A Cori Sloane Witchy Werewolf Mystery (Cori Sloane Witchy Werewolf Mysteries Book 1)

by Tegan Maher

Cori Sloane, witch, werewolf, and local sheriff, has her hands full with a rogue wolf killing people in her town. The last thing she needs is an old flame turning up to hunt for the killer on his own.

As if that’s not enough, her vampire roommate suspects somebody is poisoning her clientele and the founder of the town shows up 150 years later demanding changes.

When her parents name her next in line to lead the regional pack, it’s the final straw, but it’s not like she can just walk away. After all, she’s next on the list.

In order to save her town, she has to save herself first, while fighting ex-loves, crotchety old vampires, and a demanding mother who just won’t quit interfering in her life.

What’s a witchy werewolf to do?

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