Free romance Kindle books for 02 Jul 18

Targeted: Newlywed Navy Seals Risk It All! (Truth and Lies Series Book 1)

by Pinki Parks

Military heroes, newlyweds who’s lives stand in the balance of the truth and lies.

Locked into a scandal since their wedding day, newlywed NAVY SEALS discover they are TARGETS of a deep state COVER-UP. How far will you go to find the TRUTH?


I had to put a ring on that finger. No other woman could measure up to her.

She was a gorgeous blonde military Captain working in intelligence.

Her curves drove me wild but her commitment her duty was admirable.

She was their target. They tried to take her on our wedding day, of all days.

I had a vowed to love and protect her.

I was faced with the impossible choice of saving my new bride or saving my country.


He was an American hero. He wore his honour on his uniform proudly.

He was in top shape with the muscles and strength of a hero.

Our wedding day was the happiest day, until they showed up with guns blazing.

We fought side by side every step of the way, until we got separated by the crowd.

They wanted me. I had the secret code.

I had uncovered deep secrets about the state. This burden was mine. I had to risk everything to save my country.

*This is an action-packed steamy military romance. Book 1 of the Truth and Lies Series. No Cheating. HEA.*

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