Free science fiction Kindle books for 02 Jul 18

Miracle Man

by Todd Cramer

In the future a terrorist group genetically combine Ebola and cancer forming a deadly disease causing an epidemic and WW III. Scientists were able to develop the cures but only to the original diseases. The only hope to save humanity is an experimental time ship transporting the cures back in time. When the time ship transports back into our time it malfunctions and they need the assistance of a small town farmer from South Dakota, Rex Henderson.

To ensure their success they transform Rex giving him super-intelligence. His mission is to deliver the cures to the two leading research doctors in New York City. Along his journey Rex develops special abilities and he uses them to help and save many people.

The government assigns a special agent of Homeland Security to investigate the miracle cures. Rex’s identity is exposed and a world-wide manhunt for the Miracle Man emerges.

Gather The Children (Chronicles of the Maca Book 2)

by Mari Collier

Two aliens of different species, fathered by a Justine man, are living their lives in 1860’s Texas: one filled with rage against the world, the other drawn to return to his homeworld and reclaim his land.

Before they learn to navigate a confiscated spaceship between the stars, they need to find trust in each other and stay alive in a hostile, dangerous land torn by civil war.

But after two strong-minded Earth women alter their plans, they must make hard choices about their future. Is revenge more important than love?

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