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Amazing Poland: 50 Things to See and Do

by Neil Bennion

Europe has many great treasures. Most are well-known, yet all this time one of them has been hiding in plain sight – Poland.

Learn about the many wonders of this underappreciated country in Amazing Poland. From the big hitters such as Kraków, Warsaw and Gdansk to the lesser-known and more exclusive spots such as… well, read the book and find out.

Survival Navigation: 20 Lessons How To Find Your Way In The Wilderness

by Chad Ikin

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Survival Navigation: (FREE Bonus Included)

20 Lessons How To Find Your Way In The Wilderness

Have you ever been lost? Have you ever went down some path or side street and found yourself completely disoriented? Well don’t feel bad! This could happen to any of us! Even the most seasoned of explorers can find themselves of the beaten track! But there is good news! As long as you keep some important fundamentals in regard to navigation close to your heart, no matter how lost you get, you can easily find your way out!

This book presents 20 of those lessons! Learn in exquisite detail how you can boldly forge your own path through the wilderness! Discover how to find your way with nothing but the stars in the sky, and the compass in your hand! Figure out how to ascertain direction from the flow of a river! Create a solar compass and mark your position with smoke signals! All of these many aspects of direction are covered in this one comprehensive guide!

Buy this book and never get lost ever again! You don’t need to know a lot in order to successfully navigate through the wilderness, but the few things that you do need to know you need to know in depth, and you need to know it from an angle that you can easily approach no matter where you may be. This book provides you with that starting point. Read more to find out how!

This book will teach you how you can:

  • Navigate through the wilderness
  • Use varieties of directional compasses
  • Understand topographical maps
  • Use landmarks for navigation
  • And a whole lot more!

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by Peter Lehman



Dieses Einsteigerkochbuch sollte in keiner Küche fehlen, denn mit diesem Standardwerk ist Kochspa� garantiert. Es beinhaltet weit über 100 Rezepte mit Geling-Garantie.

Entdecken Sie die Köstlichkeiten und den Reichtum der griechischen Küche, und Sie werden die Gaumenfreuden Griechenlands als Geschenk der Götter empfinden: Die Kunst des Würzens, das Kochen mit Olivenöl, Knoblauch und Zitronen, raffinierte Fischgerichte, die die griechische Küche berühmt gemacht haben, und Spezialitäten wie gefüllte Weinblätter und Lammgerichte in allen Variationen und die traditionellen Festtagsgerichte.

Dieses Kochbuch führt Sie auf eine kulinarische Entdeckungsreise und umgibt Sie auch fern von Urlaubsplänen mit dem Duft dieses schönen Landes.

Lassen Sie sich mit diesem Buch in das Schlemmerland Griechenland entführen!

Alle Gerichte sind erprobt und vom Autor persönlich ausgewählt und somit kann selbst der Koch-Novize die griechische Küche perfekt nachkochen.

Ebenso ist die Auswahl eines Menüs oder die Zusammenstellung ganzer Diners mit mehreren Gängen leicht möglich.

Griechenland wünscht Guten Appetit -  kali orexi!

The Ordination of the Buddhist Monks: in Thailand

by Jacob R Anderson

The ordination of the Buddhist Monks is rituals & practice. In Thailand are monks for life and while some the majority will serve only a temporary or short-term Buddhist monk ordination. This can be days, weeks, months or years and at some period during their lives most Thai men will serve as a monk in ordination. After completing their term they then return to â??laity’ in normal life. A popular period for temporary ordination is the Thai summer holidays between April and June a period where the number of monks in Thailand can double and up. Through Buddhist teachings and meditation short-term monks will be prepared to fill their future roles as good citizens. For this photo I follow the process as my little brother is ordained in Chang Rai, Thailand.

The ordination is considered to substitute the grace of parenting and ignore everything to learn in Dharma more.

First trip to Disney: Guide for booking your best Disney World vacation

by Nathalie Eline van Diggelen

So, you’re considering booking a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort? Nice! A visit to there where all the magic happens and dreams do come true promises fun, excitement, and thrills. However, Disney World is the size of San Fransisco and the entire planning and booking process can be quite overwhelming. Let us guide you through the stress before the magic!

Would you like to know…
…why you should never ever underestimate the 180-day mark for making your Advanced Dining Reservations?
…the easiest way to actually enjoy the free Disney World water without experiencing the taste of swimming pool?
…how to save time and money on groceries and how to have them delivered directly at your resort?
…where to buy the famous Mickey Mouse ears for only 2 bucks?
…why sudden ride reservation combinations are prohibited by Disney’s FastPass+ tier system?
…where to find the only swimming pool where you can hear Enya sing while swimming under the water?
…how to save $1,800 on a 2-week stay in Kissimmee, Orlando?

This ebook informs and guides future Disney World travelers on how to book a Disney World vacation as efficiently, stress-free and affordable as possible. There are many ways to save loads of money when it comes to your Disney vacation by using some easy money-saving tricks. Next to this, we reveal all the essential things you must know before going, even before booking.

We will provide you:
– Important general park information
– Guidelines for tickets, traveling and where to stay
– Explanation of Disney’s Dining Plan, MagicBand, FastPass+ and Disney PhotoPass® Service / Memory Maker
– Merchandise tips
– Why you should install and use the My Disney Experience App
– Personal experience recaps
– Huge money saving and budget tips, including the good free stuff
– Ready for use downloads (e.g., a step-by-step screenshot manual for booking your Disney vacation online)

Get yourself a copy of ‘First trip to Disney’ when you need a complete guide to help you plan the most awesome trip of your life, straight to Disney World Orlando.

Tughlaqabad Fort: Discover India | Photojournals (Monuments of Delhi Book 4)

by David Riley

About the Series

Being a historic capital, and housing a vast array of heritage sites; Delhi has always been one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It has such a large plethora of monuments (and other places) to visit, that even a month’s trip to Delhi might seem insufficient.

This series makes an attempt to capture some of these monuments in pictures and words, telling all that you’d need to know about the monument: before, during as well as after visiting the place. This is your perfect guide to know about the concerned monument, as well as enjoy a preview/souvenir with beautiful photographs of the monuments. So, enjoy the book and take it with you as you journey through the city of Delhi, exploring the vast array of monuments that Delhi has to offer.

Tughlaqabad Fort

The Tughlaqabad Fort in Delhi is one of the many ruined fort complexes in the city. It was built by Emperor Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, who founded the Tuhglaq Dynasty in 1321. The Tuhglaq Dynasty was one of the many Islamic dynasties in Delhi’s history, who ruled as the Delhi Sultanate. Tughlaqabad is often referred to as the third historic city of Delhi, but its glory was short-lived. Soon after its completion, it was abandoned in the year 1327. (Owing to the curse of the revered Sufi mystic, Nizamuddin Auliya.)

Today, the fort complex, as well as the Mausoleum of Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, form important heritage sites in the city of Delhi, and are definitely worth a visit on one’s trip to the city.

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