Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 03 Jul 18

The Master (Across the Ocean Book 2)

by Dora Ilieva

A strange proposal jolts Kossara out of her comfortable, but dull life. Haunted by the memory of her dead father, she returns to her native Bulgaria to retrieve an artefact that would re-launch her academic career. She soon discovers that she is getting more than she bargained for. When her life and the lives of those dear to her are threatened, she must decide whether to give up or persevere.

The 90 Day House: Buy a House in 90 Days with No Money Down – Owning Your Dream Home is Easier Than You Think!

by Kenzie A. Bond Ed. D

U.S. house prices are forecast to rise 4.3 percent next year and 3.6 percent in 2020 – Reuters

Tired of throwing money down the drain on rent? Does buying a house sound difficult to do? Do you feel intimidated by the mortgage process?

I get it. Buying a house is a BIG deal. You want to own your own home and finally stop throwing your money down the drain with renting, but where do you start? Even when you look online to do research on your own, the amount of homes on the market is intimidating. Not to mention you still need to find a mortgage lender, real estate agent and decide what you really want in a house.

Here’s the reality. You can buy a house in 90 days. This is not a buyers seminar where I sell you on hiring me as your agent or hassle you into buying additional products that you don’t need. “The 90 Day House” is an all inclusive guide to help you get mortgage ready in 90 days – regardless of where you are today.

As a serial homebuyer, I understand how overwhelming the process can be. The 90 Day House is a summary of everything I have learned through over a decade of home buying. You work hard and deserve to OWN a home.

The 90 Day House is for:

  • Renters looking to purchase a home

  • First time home buyers

  • Millenials

  • Someone looking to buy a home with a low credit score

  • Future home owner with little to no money down

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