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THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY Vol 10 No 4 All Crime, All The Time: All Crime, All The Time in the Chesapeake region of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware (THE CHESAPEAKE TODAY Series Book 29)

by Huggins Point Publishing

Major Crimes of murder, burglary, home invasions, kidnapping, carjacking’s, and distribution of heroin, cocaine, and meth are the primary focus of coverage in the Chesapeake region. Many reports include detailed accounts of plea deals and criminal history of the accused.

How To Keep Off 60 Pounds Forever!!

by Patricia Barrigher

This is my personal experience of the first time I was able to get off the yo-yo diet merry-go-round. I want to show other people that they can do it too, and escape the horror of losing weight and gaining back double.

Fatal Attractions

by Erin Butler

“Fatal Attractions” is a look back at women who killed both their husbands and in some cases the wives of their lovers. Carolyn Warmus was the Glenn Close character come to life as she killed the wife of the man she obsessed over. Samantha Scott was a former Playboy model who was married six times with her fifth and sixth husbands feeling her violent wrath. Sheila Davalloo was a time bomb in waiting, masking a dark anger underneath a sunny facade. Sharon Kinne killed at will, her lovers and their wives. Her full body count is unknown and she remains a fugitive to this day. Annie Monahan predated Kinne, but she too was able to evade the law after killing three husbands.

Pattaya 1994 (A Life of Travel Book 20)

by Mike Farrell

After nearly three years of living and working around the ‘British Isles’ in familiar surroundings and reasonable comfort, we were in for another culture shock – Thailand!
A â??Life of Travel (Sorry family!)’, the full story, can be purchased in Kindle e-book or paperback format. Alternatively, readers can select subjects of particular interest from this series of 25 e-booklets, each representing a chapter of the full book, also purchasable from Amazon.

1.The Beginning
2.The Cornish Apprentice
3.Nuclear Engineer
4.Darkest Africa
5.Communism Bootle Style
6.Lightest Africa
7.Oh Canada
8.Paella y Torreadores
9.Down Under
10.Qua Zulu
11.Entertaining Times
12.An Arabian Interlude
13.Flights of Fancy
14.Green Card
15.Flying High
16.Down to Earth
17.Back to College
18.An Ambition Fulfilled
19.Celtic Experiences
21.Singapore Sling
22.Death to All Yankees
23.Melakan Mask
24.The Autocrat
25.Last Throw of the Dice

Survivor 1 & 2

by Jonas Inde

Survivor, by Swedish author Jonas Inde, is a nonfiction novel about US prisoner Rod Ferrell. 1998, at the age of seventeen, Rod became the youngest prisoner on Death Row. It’s a story about friendship, about brotherhood. And questions are asked: Why do some children choose evil? Where is the father?

The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath

by E.L. DuBois

A beautiful, naïve young woman with fairy-tale dreams…
And a beast of a man who only finds pleasure in the vicious acts he commits.
When their paths cross, she finds herself caught in his web of cruelty…
A merciless dance for survival begins.

Based on a true story, The Glass Mask: Monsters Lurk Beneath takes readers through the emotional, physical, and psychological parallels of an abuse victim willing to do anything to survive. Beauty is captured by the most horrific of beasts, and each day is a struggle to beat the monster at his own game.

Will Beauty be able to outmaneuver the Beast? Or will he take the ultimate sadistic prize? Her Life.

Visit E.L. DuBois’ website at

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