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The Mongrel Method: Sales & Marketing For The New Breed Of Buyers

by Steve de Mamiel

Clients today are halfway through their buying journey before even speaking with a salesperson, and this new era requires new methods. There are so many places to engage with customers online, offline, and on their phones that you cannot focus on just one spot. You need to mix it up. Fortunately, Steve de Mamiel and his dog, a mixed-breed named Samuel, are here with a simplified approach for these complex times.

Inspired by Steve’s years of experience coaching this subjectâ??and his dogâ??The Mongrel Method uses anecdotes about Samuel, as well as real-life examples, to guide you through Steve’s mixed-tactics approach to sales and marketing. Steve explores the importance of today’s techniques like big data, analytics, personas, micro-moments and automation. He demonstrates how shifting your focus to client intent, social listening and community marketing will help build understanding of your customers’ needs.

A purebred, or one-sided, approach to sales and marketing won’t help you achieve success. A mixed approach is best. With the tips and strategies in this book, including “Samuel Says” wisdom nuggets and “Best in Show” chapter takeaways, you will avoid common roadblocks and enhance daily practices. Most importantly you will find that success comes when you stop selling and start solving for your clients.

SpeakerSavvy: Notes on starting and growing your Professional Speaking Business

by Bronwyn Hesketh

You have a powerful message to share with audiences and a burning passion to jump up on stage and do just that.

But where and how do you start? And then: how do you get an agent?

SpeakerSavvy was written with both the aspiring and established speaker in mind. It’s a comprehensive, down-to-earth guide on starting or taking your speaking business to the next level.

In her light-hearted, pull-no-punches style, bureau owner Bronwyn Hesketh tells it like it is. Bound to ruffle a few feathers, the book is designed to help speakers avoid the pitfalls of the speaking industry while giving them solid advice on what she has seen work (and NOT work) over her 20 years in the industry.

If you are keen to shave a few years off your learning curve as a Professional Speaker, this is the book for you.

Bookkeeping: Small Business Bookkeeping, Accounting for Beginners (Bookkeeping, Accounting, Business, Taxes)

by T. M. Thorbens


Small Business Bookkeeping, Accounting for Beginners

This book has actionable information that will help you to master small business bookkeeping as a beginner.
We all know that Uncle Sam never jokes when it comes to the money owed to him; when tax season comes around, you have to be able to prepare and file your tax documents without overstating or understating your financial results. How can you do this without adequate financial records?
Understandably, you may not be in a financial standing that allows you to afford the services of a personal accountant since your business is still growing but unfortunately, the taxman does not listen to excuses. In fact, failure to file tax returns could earn you a penalty of up to $100,000 or more or land you in jail for tax evasion and ultimately make it hard for your business to operate because various stakeholders will also need to know that you are tax compliant to do business with you. Others like financial institutions will need to see your financial records to evaluate your credit worthiness and to make various other decisions.
To save yourself the stress that comes with not having proper financial records and to avoid putting your business in jeopardy, you can learn how to handle your own books. Trust me, the whole thing is not as complicated as it sounds and you don’t even need to have an accounting degree or any prior accounting knowledge.
This book is a simple guide to bookkeeping; it takes you through all the stages you need to go through to maintain adequate financial records like a professional.
To make this book really easy and interesting to read and use, we’ve kept all the professional jargons at bay. Even if you decide you use an App or software for your bookkeeping, after reading the content herein, you shall be knowledgeable enough to understand what you are doing and be able to defend it.
This book is ideal for business owners, students, and those looking to start bookkeeping businesses..

Here is a preview of what you will learn in this book…

  • Bookkeeping Basics
  • Choosing Your Accounting System
  • How to Set up a Single-Entry Bookkeeping System for Your Business
  • How to Set up a Double-Entry Bookkeeping System for Your Business

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Low Content Publishing: How To Publish and Profit With No Writing Needed

by Amy Harrop

Would You Like to Publish Unique Books Fast…

Without Spending Hours or Dollars Writing or Outsourcing?

That’s what Low Content Publishing: How To Publish and Profit …With No Writing Needed is all about. Inside, Amy Harrop reveals how to create and sell a wide variety of books that require little to absolutely no writing.

You’ll Discover:
What Are Low and No Writing Books
How You can Easily Create These Popular Books That Sell
The 5 Most Popular Types of No/Low Content Books
The Easiest Two Ways to Profit From These Books
The Most Popular Types of Books to Publish
And Much More!

How to Build a Luxurious Lifestyle Without Going Into Debt

by April Caldwell

Do you wish you had more money in your pocket? Or understood where to get started? Do you feel over-whelmed by all the information being thrown at you about money? This e-book provides 5 Strategies you need to know in order to put more money in your pocket without over-complicating it.

Conquista tu tiempo: Un viaje en 8 etapas para gestionar al máximo tu tiempo en la vida y en el trabajo (Spanish Edition)

by Stefania Dalle Pezze

¿Te pasas el día corriendo y acabas agotado y con la sensación de haber perdido el tiempo?

Ha llegado el momento de decir adiós al estrés y mejorar tu productividad sin dejarte la salud por el camino.

En Conquista tu tiempo, Stefania Dalle Pezze te ofrece una completa perspectiva sobre los frentes que necesitas abordar para mejorar tu productividad personal y tu rendimiento en la vida y en el trabajo.

Stefania Dalle Pezze llegó a experimentar y somatizar el estrés provocado por “querer llegar a todo” sin priorizar y olvidándose de su propio bienestar.

En este libro comparte contigo el método que ella aplica en su día a día para salir de la rueda del hámster y conseguir mejores resultados. Con él podrás revisar tus hábitos, tu mentalidad y tus recursos, así como alinearte con tu visión para empezar a planificar y tomar acción de manera consciente y certera.

Stefania Dalle Pezze ayuda a miles de personas a través de sus contenidos, ponencias o sesiones one to one. A diario comparte sus conocimientos a través de

Aplicar a tu vida las claves de este libro te llevará a conquistar tu tiempo, reducir la ansiedad y moverte hacia tus objetivos personales y profesionales aprovechando al máximo cada minuto de tu tiempo.

Algunas reseñas de lectores

“Me parece muy interesante, atractivoâ?¦ algo que muchos buscamos planteado de una forma clara.” Aura Elena Sánchez – Diseñadora

“¡Enhorabuena, Stefania! Me ha gustado mucho el libro, el tono, cómo está estructurado, las actividadesâ?¦” Gloria Moreno Sánchez – Comunicadora

La autora

Stefania Dalle Pezze, a raíz de una enfermedad y una carrera muy exigente, se enfrenta a la necesidad de reorganizarse para poder llevar mejor el día a día sin descuidar su salud. La incesante búsqueda de estrategias para compaginar la salud con un futuro profesional ambicioso la llevan a replantearse el concepto de productividad, a formarse y a experimentar cómo hacer las cosas de forma diferente y conseguir resultados mejores sin necesidad de trabajar 15 horas al día.

Linguaggi e Narrazione: Per una analisi dinamica dei processi di frammentazione e simbiosi dal WEB 2*â?¨e recupero della narrazione come resistenza ai processi … di distruzione culturale. (Italian Edition)

by Alberto Pian

Questo libro raccoglie e rielabora alcuni lavori e riflessioni del periodo 2006 – 2018 che ho avuto occasione di produrre per i miei insegnamenti nei master universitari.
Nel 2005 avevo introdotto nella scuola italiana le prime esperienza di podcasting, come sistema di apprendimento – insegnamento. Era impossibile parlare di questo nuovo medium (il podcast), senza  analizzarne la relazione con il linguaggio (le lingue parlate e scritte), le forme di narrazione e di comunicazione visuale e orale e gli specifici strumenti di cui si avvalgono. Perciò questo lavoro porta all’attenzione del lettore alcuni spunti di riflessione culturale, antropologica, psicologica e linguistica riguardo alcuni temi quali: la “specificità” di radio, podcasting e televisione; lo statuto di “ascoltatore” e di “spettatore”; gli specifici statuti dei linguaggi del cosiddetto WEB 2 e successivi (WEB 2*); le tendenze alla frammentazione della narrazione: l’inglobamento del soggetto in operazioni simbiotiche.
Il filo conduttore è che le analisi sui media devono essere svolte all’interno di un rapporto che si genera fra il soggetto e il linguaggio, mediato da uno strumento, da un organo di senso e da un contesto sociale e ambientale determinato.
L’intento è di spostare l’attenzione da un approccio statico, prevalentemente incentrato sul medium, a un approccio dinamico e dialettico, incentrato sulle relazioni che intercorrono e quindi sui linguaggi. Per questo il libro parla anche del recupero della narrazione come strumento educativo e come elemento strutturale di esistenza del soggetto in quanto tale. 
La trattazione non ha ovviamente la pretesa di essere esaustiva, poiché si tratta anche di un’occasione per sistematizzare alcune riflessioni e ricerche.

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