Free fantasy Kindle books for 03 Jul 18

A Red Tale

by Nicola Mar

Nicola Mar’s debut novel will transport you from a world taken over by â??global cooling’, to Surritz, a tropical utopia beneath the ocean’s floor. One snowy night, Stasia Forresterâ??a teenager who lives in the Caribbean, but only dreams of the warm breezes and searing sun of the pastâ??discovers a funnel in the ocean that leads her to Surritz. She revels in the beauty of the land, encountering many fantastical creatures, including the most abundant inhabitantsâ??water dragons. When she sets out to befriend one, he tells her that she once lived a past life in Surritz. Thus begins a coming of age love story so powerful that Stasia must find a way to travel back in time. As she struggles to discover the truth about her past life, she learns how it will affect her future. Can she reverse global cooling, or will it destroy them all?

“I would recommend Mar’s fantasy to both young and adult readers.” – Stacey Whitman

“The best fantasy and time travel book I have read since Harry Potter.” – Emily Bergen

“Beautifully written young adult book that deals with spirituality in a delicate way. I loved the characters and setting.” – Peter Whitmans

“I typically read young adult books that are not fantasy, like The Fault in Our Stars. But Nicola Mar’s fantasy novel was amazingly complex and drew me in from the start.” – Sara Pinter

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