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The Mysterious Soldier – Part I: A girl with powers and a prince with troubles (The Arid Kingdom Book 1)

by Tina Silvens

Disguised as a soldier and hiding her magical powers, Selunia enters a foreign castle to help Prince Soris. Update: re-edited

Selunia, a nineteen-year-old girl, unable to continue her life at the White Castle, finds her meaning in life by taking part in the contest for Prince Soris’ personal guard, the prince of the Arid Kingdomâ??a place where wars and strange events almost never stop appearing.
In a world where women aren’t to be seen in the army, will she manage to do that?

A neo-medieval world, a girl with hidden powers, a prince with a mysterious past; many enemies, magical battles, and a forbidden, yet meant to be love story.

Selunia is a girl who was born in a community of people with supernatural powers. However, her powers have failed to be awakened and so she has a hard time living in a place where everyone masters magical attacks. Her mother has a vision about her future and insists on sending her to the nearby Arid Kingdomâ??a place where people don’t know about the existence of magicâ??and become Prince Soris’ protector. Selunia’s mother believes that this will help the girl find her hidden powers.

Selunia receives help from the kingdom’s general and manages to get inside the palace, but her path to reunite with the prince she met in her childhood will have to face many challenges.

Soris is the prince of the Arid Kingdom and struggles to overcome the injuries left by a long war. He wishes for peace but that never seems to be possible because even the people close to him are causing him trouble. He will soon find out that a new war is about to begin and, this time, his opponents are something unusual.
Will Selunia succeed to help him and find her own powers?

Tina Silvens is an author dedicated to the fantasy genre. Although she has been writing since school days, her first book was published in 2017. “The Mysterious Soldier – Part I” is the first book in the Arid Kingdom series, a story she kept working on for more than 10 years before finally reaching out into the world of published books.

The story of the Arid Kingdom revolves around the complicated and mysterious lives of the main characters: Selunia and Soris.
Although Silvens has other fantasy books in store, waiting to be written and published, she will be focusing mainly on the “Arid Kingdom” series.

Long description of the story
The Arid Kingdom (AK) is set in a neo-medieval world – old principles, high military technology (laser guns, video cameras, computers, and so on) but they also use swords when needed.

The White Castle is a stronghold which exists as an enclave on their territory. They have their own leader and keep themselves isolated from the AK, in fact, they don’t collaborate with any other kingdom at all.

They consider themselves superior as they are able to use magic – which the rest of the world, outside the stronghold, don’t think such thing as magic exists. The whites keep themselves secluded from the rest through a forest set as a magical barrier – their stronghold cannot be seen from the outside, nor accessed by any normal human.

Selunia is from the White Castle, but unfortunately, she couldn’t awaken her magical power – “inner force/power”. She uses crystal-gloves to compensate for the lack of powers, but that doesn’t solve the entire problem. She is seen as the black sheep there, but her parents really don’t want things to go on like this, as she’s already nineteen years old.

So, they make an arrangement with general Waltario of the Arid Kingdom to bring her to the AK. Her mother, based on her visions/premonitions, says that Selunia should become prince Soris’ protector, as only by protecting someone her powers will grow.
But those from the AK don’t ever have women take military positions, nor are they ready to accept the existence of magic. They will quite soon have to face Bardan, who knows a lot about magic attacks.

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