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Dare to Dream Again: A Sweet Dreams Christian Romance

by Alana Terry

Will love bloom just as sweet the second time around?

Losing her husband has taught Gloria more than anything else how to rely on God.

His grace alone gave her the strength to raise her children — a sweet angel with cerebral palsy as well as a daughter who wants nothing more than to serve God as a missionary on foreign soil.

Gloria couldn’t be prouder of her girls, but a future without them both by her side sounds empty and hollow.

When God thrusts a godly man like Derek into her path, Gloria isn’t sure she’s ready to jump headfirst into a relationship.

But maybe God’s giving her the chance for a happily ever after â?¦ a second time around.

RIDE WITH ME, COWBOY Enhanced Edition: Christian Contemporary Romance (Texas Matchmakers Book 12)

by Debra Clopton

From award-winning author Debra Clopton comes the Texas Matchmakers seriesâ??about three older women who set off a nationally advertised “Wives Wanted Campaign” to bring women to their small town of Mule Hollow to marry the lonesome cowboys. A far fetched idea that’s workingâ??look out fellas, the women are coming one car at a time!

After family tragedy strikes horse trainer Brent Stockwell is sick and tired of being in the spotlight because of his bad judgement relationship, complete with front page tabloid photos. Now he’s hiding out in Mule Hollow looking to work with his horses and heal.

Tacy Jones has come to Mule Hollow in hopes of training horses with the champion trainer-despite his well-documented romantic exploits. She’s not happy to find that he doesn’t believe a woman is right for the job. What? She’s been raised with over protective brothers and so tired of being treated like a frail flowerâ?¦so look out because this is one challenge she can’t resist.

Ideas and hearts collide as these two clash in a fun, heartwarming love story that will have you laughing and rooting for love at the same time.
A Christian Contemporary Western Romance series. Inspirational Novels that will make you smile. Previously published as the Mule Hollow series.

Note: This book was previously published as His Cowgirl Bride. This edition includes some fun extras.
Books in the TEXAS MATCHMAKERS series:
Book 1: Dream With Me, Cowboy
Book 2: Be My Love, Cowboy
Book 3: This Heart’s Your, Cowboy
Book 4: Hold Me, Cowboy
Book 5: Be Mine, Cowboy
Book 6: Marry Me, Cowboy
Book 7: Cherish Me, Cowboy
Book 8: Surprise Me, Cowboy
Book 9: Serenade Me, Cowboy
Book 10: Return To Me, Cowboy
Book 11: Love Me, Cowboy
Book 12: Ride With Me, Cowboy
Book 13: Dance With Me, Cowboy

Find Your Way Home: A Hope Filled Love Story

by j. Marie

â?¦. those people and places. None of them seemed real anymore. It’s like that day his grandparents came in June, he packed up all he had. And, it all fit in a duffel bagâ?¦.

Where are you supposed to go when you’re a thirteen-year-old city kid, your mom has just been thrown in jail for a repeat DUI drug charge, and you’ve never even met the man who is your father? You certainly can’t count on your mom’s latest drug dealer boyfriend to offer any support – he’s basically kicking you to the curb, making it abundantly clear he couldn’t care less what happens to you.

A story of faith for today, Find Your Way Home is a tale of friendship and family, portraying the life of Elliott, a troubled young teen whose world is darkened by the effects of his mother’s drug and alcohol addiction and the physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend. Even though, at first, he doesn’t see it as such, his saving grace is found in his grandparents’ insistence that he live with them while his mother serves her time in prison and state-mandated treatment program.

It’s in the quaint, lakeside town of Lake Belle, Minnesota, near his grandparents’ farm, that Elliott crosses paths with the Eastman kids, Daniel and his sister Lauryn. Over the years, even though they come from radically different circumstances, the Eastman’s accept Elliott as their “other brother,” and a deep friendship develops between the three children, with an especially poignant bond between Elliott and Lauryn.

Years pass, the children become adults, and life takes them in completely different directions. It’s only when a series of life events suddenly forces Elliott to acknowledge his deep-seated feelings of shame and resentment over his mother’s decade-long battle with addiction, and a soul-searching recognition of his true feelings considering marriage and his future, that he finally discovers what family, home, and love really means.

Women of the American Revolution Series Box Set (Books 1-3)

by Susan F. Craft

If you enjoy wholesome American historical fiction, you’ll love our “Women of the American Revolution Box Set” !

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Book One: The Chamomile

Illumination Book Awards Winner

Lilyan joins Patriot spies in British-occupied Charlestown, South Carolina, to rescue her brother from a notorious prison ship. She’ll lie, steal, kill or be killed in order to protect her family. Desperate for help, she seeks out Nicholas, a scout with Francis Marion’s partisans. Together the pair set out to save her brother.

But will they reach him in time? Or will her growing feelings for Nicholas compromise their mission and send the pair to the gallows?

Book Two: Laurel

In the port of Charleston, South Carolina, post-Revolutionary War passions reach fever pitch. There, Lilyan’s past catches up with her. As a former patriot spy, she is charged with the murder of a British officer. Thrown into the “Exchange Building” and chained alongside prostitutes, thieves, and murderers, she seeks the courage to survive and the faith to believe she will find her missing child, Laurel. Determined to free his wife at any cost, Nicholas finds himself forced back into a life of violence.

Will their love sustain them as they seek word of their missing child? Or is Laurel lost to them forever?

Book Three: Cassia

Illumination Book Awards Winner

Her family’s voyage from South Carolina turns ugly when the ship’s captain maroons Lilyan and her family on an island along North Carolina’s Outer Banks. There, the family is captured by pirates and taken to a secret island hideout where they witness a mock trial and a hanging.

Forced to rebuff the advances of the murderous pirate, Captain Galeo (The Shark), and fearful that her children will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, Lilyan forges an escape plan. Meanwhile, her husband, Nicholas, calls upon his skills as a captain in Brigadier General Francis Marion’s militia to devise a battle plan to save his family.

Will the young couple’s faith be enough to see them through? Or will their declaration to rescue Cassia from the pirates prove too high a price?

Written for the General Market (G) (I): Contains little or no; sexual dialogue or situations, violence, or strong language. May also contain some content of an inspirational/religious nature. Similar historical novels in this genre may be categorized as: historical fiction, inspirational historical fiction, christian fiction, and clean, wholesome historical fiction.

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