Free sports Kindle books for 04 Jul 18

Fishing: Learn from the Tips & Laugh at the Tales

by George F. Mason

George Mason has been passionate about fishing since his father bought him his first rod in the early sixties. It was only a cheap 2 piece cane affair but he enjoyed catching fish with it in the village pond.
As the years went on George acquired better tackle and began taking part in fishing competitions. He became successful and won many trophies, including his local championship which he won for 2 years in succession.In this book he passes on the tips that helped him catch more fish than his rivals.
This book is aimed at pleasure and match anglers alike regardless of their skill levels. It is written in a friendly humorous style that George hopes readers will find interesting and entertaining.
George lives in England, so the tips and tales are unique to that country. However, the book would be of interest to anglers of anywhere because catching fish is the same the world over and it is a pleasure to read.

Wunderwelt der Tiere. Verblüffendes aus der zoologischen Forschung (Leseprobe XXL) (German Edition)

by Kai Bernhard Althoetmar

Ist Australiens Dingo ein Hund, ein Wolf oder eine eigene Art? Töten Löwen wirklich den GroÃ?teil eines jeden Geparden-Wurfs? Wie können im Himalaya Leopard und Schneeleopard koexistieren? Warum erschwert der Klimawandel den Eisbären nun auch die Fortpflanzung? Und wie entwickeln sich Spezies auf Inseln im Laufe der Evolution? Feldforscher bringen laufend Erhellendes und Ã?berraschendes aus dem Reich der wilden Tiere ans Tageslicht. Das Buch stellt neueste Forschungsergebnisse aus der weltweiten Zoologie unterhaltsam, spannend und auch für Laien verständlich dar – ergänzt um Auszüge aus Interviews, die der Autor mit den Wissenschaftlern geführt hat. Eine so verblüffende wie spannende Rundreise durch die aktuelle weltweite zoologische Forschung.

My Field Guide to Birds

by Lorayne Miller

I created a list of fast facts for common birds. This guide also has the scientific name.

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