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An Affordable Ebook About Writing And Publishing Ebooks And Digitally Printed Books (Ebooks About Ebooks 1)

by John F, Harnish

An Affordable Ebook About Writing And Publishing Ebooks And Digitally Printed Books

According to John Franklin

Table of Contents
Approximately 72,900 words — 276 pages

According toâ?¦

Breaking ebook newsâ?¦

Greedy Publishers

Overused Library Ebooks Expire

$2 Million+ Ebook Author Deal

Ebook or ebookâ??but not e-book

Part One:
The Need to Communicate

Early Warning Signs

The Dawn of History

Marks and Scratches

Cloistered Writings

Moveable Letterpress Type

Offset Printing Offs Letterpress

Part Two:
The Dawn of the Digital Age

Dazzling Digital

Amazon.comâ??the equalizer

Circumventing the Triad

Part Three:
The Enterprising Ebook

Electrified Ereaders

Promoting Directly to Readers

Greater Profits for Authors

Changing the Balance of Power

Zapping the Publishing Industry

Bouncing the World

Ebooks and Ereader Sales

Ebook Sales Surpass Pbooks

Part Four:
The New Math of Ebooks

From Rocks to Digital Electrons

Ebook Economics

Publishing Economics in Chaos

Daring Digital Explorations

Small Press Publishing

The Chain Stores Cometh

The Mighty Amazon Flows Forth

“Self-publishing” Myths

Selecting a Digital Publisher

Which Version Comes First

Going Direct to the Consumer
Part Five:
Content is Omnipotent

Spinning Words into Gold

But is it good enough???

Creating Content for Publication

Ebook Formatting Hints

Writers Create Content

The Best Your Content Can Be

Scams Jeopardizing Content

Part Six:
Publishing Content

Before Signing with a Publisher

The Conversion Process

Only Releasing an Ebook

Easy to do and Cost-effective

Control over Content

Easy to do and Cost-effective

Fair Pricing and Higher Royalties

Fair is Fair

Hassle Free

No Waitingâ??Instant Gratification

Content Legal Concerns

Part Seven:
Content, Numbers and Cash

The Worth of Your Words


Numbers Indentifying Sellers

Setup Feesâ??Breakeven Points

No Setup Fee for Ebooks

Part Eight:
Book Marketing 101
Plans, Programs, Services

Book Marketing Plans

Unprecedented Sales Tracks

Timely Pitches and Launches

Fading Programmable Results

Superior Selling Services

Book Dedicated Websites

Bonus Chapter
Basic eBook Formatting Guidelines


Counsels to Adventist Institutions: Doing Business God’s Way

by Ellen White

Did you know that Ellen White uses the word “business” more than the words “justification”, “sanctification” and the term “righteousness by faith” combined? So many have gone to the world to learn how to do the business side of ministry. This compilation is designed to let Adventist- business-lay people and Adventist-institutional leaders know what inspiration says about business and how God wants it to be done.

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