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STOICISM: Introduction to the Stoic Life

by Phillip Lark

Book #1 of STOICISM series.

Have you ever wondered about the role you play in this universe?

Do you want to live a meaningful life free of suffering?

Are you looking for the perfect lifestyle to help you achieve both success and peace?

You need to revisit the true nature of Stoicism, the ancient Greek philosophy that is still incredibly relevant and full of meaning, even today.

This powerful Ancient Greek philosophy has influenced history, culture, and even religious traditions in every part of the world, ever since it came into being.

Over time, most people have lost the understanding of the true nature and basic principles of Stoicism.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact, the original foundations of Stoicism can easily integrate into your modern lifestyle, even today, and CHANGE the way you see the world and yourself for the better.



This fulfilling, all-encompassing mindset that can help you discover the meaning of your existence, achieve success and peace of mind, and live a life free of any negative emotions.

No more stress, pain, or suffering for life!

In this book, you will discover:

-  The True Origins of the Stoic Philosophy

-  The Basic Principles of Stoicism

-  The Influence of Stoicism on Society

-  Modern Stoic Meditation Practices

-  Stoicism for the Contemporary Mind

-  The Value of Stoicism in Modern Times

-  �and much more!


The benefits of living the Stoic life are endless.

Who wouldn’t want to find the perfect lifestyle that helps them take control of their life, and free themselves from the man-made cage of suffering and pain?

Stoicism elevates you from the inside by changing the way you perceive your role in the grand scheme of worldly life. You are no longer a slave to your emotions and desires. Instead, you will learn how to take charge, improve your life, and start a blissful journey towards success andpeace of mind.

So stop waiting, and grab your copy of this life-changing book to help you discover the true essence of Stoicism and positively change your life forever.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: How to Combat Depression, Fear, Anxiety and Worry (Happiness can be trained)

by Chris S Jennings

Are you afraid to pursue your goals? Do you feel that fear has prevented you from achieving your dreams? Would you be happy to learn how to overcome fear, anxiety, worry, and depression?

When you choose to read Cognitive Behavior Therapy: How to Combat Depression, Fear, Anxiety and Worry, all your fears, anxiety, depression and worry will start being overcome day by day. You will learn everything that you need know about how to combat depression, anxiety, fear, and worry.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a sure form of therapy which is often the best form of treatment recommended for combating anxiety, worry, depression, and other related issues. In this book, we help you learn a simplified approach to apply it in life. If you have been looking for a book that will provide you with an ultimate step by step solution to combat your depression, anxiety and fears, How to Combat Depression, Fear, Anxiety, and Worry is the book which you need to go for. You decide to use this book privately or get your therapist to guide you in achieving your goals.

This book will help you master effective treatment methods that will benefit you in the long-run. Do you ever feel shy to socialize with others? Do you always feel incapable of completing your tasks? Has someone ever told you that you look insecure? If yes, then you perhaps have an anxiety disorder. And if you are anxious most of the time, you are probably going to achieve very little in life. If all this sounds familiar and you are stressed of living a less, than average life, worry no more because Cognitive Behavior Therapy: How to Combat Depression, Fear, Anxiety, and Worry will help you start your journey to recovery.

Inside you are going to find:

  • Understanding Depression, worry, fear, anxiety
  • What is depression, fear, worry, and anxiety?
  • What are the causes of depression, fear, anxiety, and worry?
  • The reasons why gum could be your new friend?
  • How to design calming diets to help fight depression, fear, worry, and anxiety?
  • Proven ways to help you get rid of everything right from simple bad habits that negatively affect your life.
  • How does mindfulness help heal depression, worry, and anxiety?

Revista El futuro del ayer, hoy (Revista Digital nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by El futuro del ayer hoy

Año 1, Numero 1 de la version digital de la revista “El futuro del ayer, hoy”. Este numero inicial consta de trabajos en español de indole poeticos, ensayos e historias cortas de autores variados dentro de Latinoamerica.

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