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Social (The Social Media Bundle Series Book 1)

by JA Huss

From New York Times bestselling author JA Huss comes the perfect summer read… if you like your summer days hot, that is. 
Grace Kinsella is social. 
But she likes the anonymity of being a blue bird on Twitter where she can shoot arrows of pithy filth at her favorite movie star. Virtual love is right up her alley.

Vaughn Asher is dominant.But only in private. A former child-actor turned mega-movie action hero, Vaughn knows how to navigate a world filled with paparazzi, avoid the tabloids, and have his fun too.

Worlds collide on Saint Thomas when Grace comes face to face with the muse who has propelled her into dirty-tweeting stardom online. And he’s got an offer she can’t refuse. After all, how many people get a chance to live out their sexual fantasies with the man of their dreams?

Too bad the man of her dreams turns out to be a #dick.

Social is a three-book bundle consisting of Follow, Like, and Block from the USA Today bestselling Social Media series.

Changed: Mated to the Alien Alpha (The Omega Colony Book 1)

by Robin Moray

The Company said Omega IV was uninhabited. They said Omega IV was safe.
They were wrong.

The giant humanoid inhabitants of Omega IV are conditioned to the Changeâ??a biological event in their development that designates them altha or amekhaâ??but for the new colony of humans, the Change comes as an unpleasant surprise.

Dr Cameron Grant, bitter after a turbulent break-up, finds himself in a first-contact situation that was never covered in training. The alien warrior Tal’jen, seven feet tall and distinctly male, has taken an interest in him, an interest with a clear and pressing conclusion. Dr Grant can’t deny his attraction, even as his body undergoes strange and frightening changes. Whatever is happening to him, it’s obvious that Tal’jen understands it instinctively. He will have to place himself in the hands of an alien and hope that Tal’jen’s interest is as benign as it seems.

Meanwhile, Tal’jen, chief-in-waiting of his people, seeks a mate. The handsome and strange Cam’ren of the newcomers calls to him powerfully, though he has not yet gone through his Change. To be chief Tal’jen must mate with a bearer, so while he longs to claim Cam’ren for his own, he must be patient and hope that Cam’ren’s Change will grant him the gift of bearing young.

As the Change spreads through the human colony, leaving chaos in its wake, Cameron and Tal’jen must fight to protect both the delicate bond growing between them, and each other.

This book is first in the Omega Colony series, however it can be read as a stand-alone title.
This book features adult content and language, sexual situations, and male pregnancy.

All of My Heart: Sweet Hart Inn (A Harbor Falls Romance Book 1)

by Sophie Jacobs

When Suzie Hart inherited the lakeside Victorian cottage that would soon become Sweet Hart Inn, she imagined her life all planned out ahead of her. She would run the inn, write her recipes, and pick up an occasional catering job with her cousin Sydney. What she didn’t plan on was Brad Matthews.

Suzie Hart has it all. A beautiful home, friends and family, and the sweetest job in the world. She’s the best darned cook in Harbor Falls, North Carolina, and has the street cred to prove it. She runs her own bed and breakfast, writes a food blog, and is working on her first cookbook.

Life is perfect. Right?

Wrong. You see, Suzie has a secret. And when that secret rides up to her doorstep on a bad-ass Harley and tosses her not-so-perfect little world into some kind of big, bad tumble, happy-go-lucky Suzie panics.

Brad Matthews doesn’t have a secret, he has a plan–and that plan includes luring Suzie back into his life. When she worked as his sous chef in Asheville, he had no intention of falling in love with the sassy chef, or any woman for that matter. No room in his life for romance. But when Suzie disappeared and took Brad’s heart with her, his good intentions shattered. Now that he’s found her again, he’s not about to let her alter the new path he’s set out for his life–and hers.
Previously published as 
Bed, Breakfast & You by Maddie James. Updated and revised.

Agents in Love Collection: Prequel, Book 1, Book 2

by Chantel Rhondeau

Hot passion, thrilling crime, and true love. These Secret Agents do whatever it takes to protect American citizens from harm. Romance sizzles on the page, but criminals and murderers make finding happily ever afters difficult for the brave men and women who face them down, risking their lives all in the name of justice.

See why a Reader’s Favorite reviewer said “The twists and turns will have you putting aside chores and ignoring phone calls until you’ve gotten to the bottom of this story.” Don’t miss the chance to read the first three Agent novels for one great price. Download it today!

Crime & Passion (Prequel to Agents in Love)
A decorated police officer, more intent on justice than following the letter of the law, lands in trouble when a schoolteacher finds a dead body on the beach.

Officer Donovan Andrews knows how to have a good timeâ??ask any woman in town. But when it comes to men abusing their wives or children, Donovan takes it upon himself to make them regret it. When Donovan is framed for murder, Madeline Scott is the only one who can help clear his name. The killer doesn’t want to be exposed, placing Madeline in grave danger.

Love & Deception (Agents in Love – Book 1)
What if everything you believed in was a lie? Nick Kendall is a secret agent sent to infiltrate a suspected terrorist organization. Despite his best intentions, he falls hopelessly in love with Carlie Hollis, an alleged key player of the group. Though he knows it’s wrong, Nick struggles with his feelings versus what is right. Everything changes when he receives new ordersâ??kill the target. Will he follow those ordersâ?¦or become hunted himself?

Love & Redemption (Agents in Love – Book 2)
Former secret agent Shelley Daniels is struggling to tame her bad-girl tendencies. Jewel thief Gavin Hart wants fast money and a fresh startâ??until he witnesses a murder. Gavin drags Shelley back to the world she was desperate to escape with rogue agents, assassin plots, and a frantic race to stop a terrorist group.

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