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The Unexpected Gift of Joseph Bridgeman: A Time Travel Adventure (The Downstream Diaries Book 1)

by Nick Jones

How far would you go for someone you love?

In 1992 Amy Bridgeman disappeared. Her brother is going back to discover the truthâ?¦

If you love time-travel, you’ll love this, because it has shades of ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’. Real characters, mystery and adventure combine in this emotionally intelligent page-turner. Described by readers as sharp, mind-bending and fearlessly funny.

Find out now, why readers wish they could time-travel back and read it again, for the very first time!

Joseph Bridgeman – a reclusive insomniac with a weakness for â??The Beatles’ on vinyl – accidentally discovers he can time travel. With the help of Vinny, a local record shop owner, an old school friend and Alexia Finch (his hypo-time-travel guru) Joe sets out to change the course of his life. He needs to get back to 1992, the year his world fell apart, the year his sister, went missing. The only problem (apart from his clothes disappearing) is that the further back he goes the less time he gets to stay there. Can Joe master his new-found gift before time catches up with him?

Expect action, drama, adventure and of course the unexpected!


“If you’re a fan of Time Travel, this book is among the best”
“Another offering of pure delight from author Nick Jones.”
“Love, love, love this series!! The humour is outstanding and the characters come to life. I wish I could give it more stars!”
“If Nick Hornby and Michael Marshall Smith had a child, Nick Jones would be it. Read this.”
“This man writes great books – it’s that simple!”
“A wonderful writer. I love this series! It’s time travel you can actually understand.”
“Absolutely loved this book. Similar to Time Travellers Wife. Edge of your seat stuff, can’t wait for more books by Nick Jones. Excellent”

Action, romance, intrigue and comedy combine in this, the first book in The Downstream Time Travel Adventure series.

Previously Published as â??Downstream Season 1′.

Sessions: A Psychological Noir

by B.J. Thompson

Would you sacrifice your soul to see into the mind of a serial killer for seven days?

Justice will be served, but never before like this.

Sessions, a mind-bending psychological noir, delves into the minds of two women as they go head-to-head in seven therapy sessions, taking the terms “treatment” and “killer” and flipping them on their heads.

Is there a real life family connection to the killer’s evil?
And if she has never been caught, is there someone infamous in her life who has?

The “Entity” marks its territory through the pastoral environs of Vermont; Mount Mansfield, a Burlington art gallery, a sugar maple farm and inside the psychiatrist’s office, housed within a majestic Victorian mansion eerily familiar to more than one soul.

This is not a police procedural, my friends…


Are you game to be a fly on this therapy wall?
Well, have a seat in the waiting room, won’t you?
Your Sessions are about to beginâ?¦

~ If you like tales that leave you disturbed long after you read The End, buy Sessions.
What have you got to lose but your mind? ~

When The Grid Went Down: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller (The Surviving The EMP Trilogy Book 1)

by Nick Randall

When the grid goes down across the entire United States, two brothers named Randall and Thomas Parker find themselves cut off from the rest of their family and trapped in a world of chaos.

Fighting their way north to their family’s lake cabin in an attempt to find them, things take a turn for the worst when they come into conflict with a large and well-organized survivalist community called the Compound, led by a ruthless leader named Lewis Butler who rules the community with an iron fist.

When Thomas is captured by the Compound’s powerful forces and delivered into Butler’s brutal hands, it’s up to Randall to race against time to locate their family and lead a harrowing rescue operation to save his brother before it’s too late.

“When The Grid Went Down” is Book #1 in the Surviving The EMP Trilogy, a trilogy of post-apocalyptic novels filled with action and suspense as the Parker family struggles to survive in a world filled with hostile forces and danger at every turn.

Making Corrections

by K. F. Whatley

Following her husband’s death, every day is a struggle for Carrie Weathers. She continues their work, reporting on strange phenomena, and discovers more than she expected in a person from their past. Can the strange man claiming to be a time traveler bring an end to her grief?

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