Free fantasy Kindle books for 06 Jul 18

An Angel On Her Shoulder: A chilling tale of paranormal suspense.

by Dan Alatorre

A series of unexplainable tragedies surround a family and their young daughter as they seek to determine whether they are possessed, paranoid or collectively going insane. Meanwhile, forgotten clues from the father’s past may indicate forces are at work in ways more ominous than any of them could have imagined.

The FPS Deity: Volume 1

by Cobyboy

By the age of 80, General Gama has long since retired and is now on the last days of his life, spending most of his time on a virtual first-person shooter game, Gaia’s Paradox.

Reminiscing about the days of his former military glory as his real body is nearing death’s door.

Follow the adventure of Gama as he ventures into this new world he transmigrated in, New World: Nuwiell

El Legado (Spanish Edition)

by Adrian Gonzalez

Atrapados en objetos de una época de antaño, el hombre, todavía intenta favorecerse de lo que una vez fue ¿podremos eludir nuestra propia naturaleza o caeremos de nuevo en la extinción?

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