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Baby Villager: Villager Days! (A Mining Novel)

by The Mining Maniacs

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a villager?

Step inside the world of Arak, also known as villager #46. Arak is 7 years old and has lived in a village his whole life. He goes to villager school, he lives with his villager family, and he’s best friends with an iron golem. But what else does a villager do? There has to be more.

Now Arak is keeping a diary (his teacher made him) and he’s got lots to share.

What really goes on in a village? How big really is a villager’s nose? Find out in this awesome mining novel straight from a villager himself!

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Maira & Ritu: Best Friends Forever (Clever Kids Series Vol 1)

by Mantosh Roy

Maira and Ritu are two 6-year olds who become friends. Maira loves to be cute and pretty while Ritu loves science and the rainbow. Ritu is good at everything and Maira wants to be like Ritu, So Ritu shares the 3 secrets to becoming the best they can be !

Macy Vickers and the Book of Spells

by Paul R Melia

Macy, Olivia and Jack are three 12-year-old children who embark on the adventure of a lifetime whist staying at Macy’s aunt and uncle’s home during the school holidays.
The appearance of two mysterious figures on the children’s first night at the house, and the discovery of a secret entrance to a strange new world, called Tormencer, brings with it the realisation that life as they know it will never be the same again.
Having entered Tormencer, the three friends and their mysterious guides first quest is to find a sorcerer known as the Spell Keeper.
The Spell Keeper is enlisted to help defeat Kraken and his army of loyal Goblin Soldiers, who have kidnapped the rightful heirs to the Land of Tormencer and their loyal subjects, and stolen two magical pieces, the Book of Spells and Ring of Power.
A strange array of unusual creatures, both friendly and hostile, play their part in the many decisions Macy, Olivia and Jack make during their time in Tormencer. Decisions that might not only help them succeed in their quest â?¦ but may also cost them their lives.
This debut fantasy novel by Paul R Melia, Macy Vickers and the Book of Spells, is a fantastic new addition to the popular magical fantasy tradition of JK Rowling, Rick Riordan and Philip Pullman.

Tara and the Giant Queen: A Fantasy in Giant Land

by Gita V. Reddy

A storm lashes nine-year old Tara into Giant Land where she lands on the queen’s head. The giants haven’t ever seen a human being. One evil giant believes Tara is a magician in disguise and is out to get her.

Tara’s journey back to her world is filled will danger and courage and friendship with a boy-giant.


From amazon reviews

“The world-building was truly excellent, with elaborate settings and interesting characters. I fell in love with the charming world of the giants, with its concepts of work and play and its emphasis on peace, happiness and love.” 

“A delightful children’s tale. I think parents would also enjoy reading it.”  

“These are giants reimagined, and bear little resemblance to the sterotypical giant you might think of — a big plus.” 


Previously published under the title Cheetaka, Queen of Giants.

The Mining Noob: Keep on Respawn! (Book 1)

by The Mining Maniacs

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Mining noob?

It’s a new world. Playing this game for the first time really can be crazy. There is so much for a noob to see and to learn and to mess up. It’s all a part of learning the game but some noobs stand out more than others…

Now we get to read the hilarious diary of an actual Mining noob. What’s his new life like? Can he survive the game?

Find out in this awesome must-read Mining adventure straight from a real noob himself!

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Rise of the Shadow Seekers: The First Seeker

by Korey Ward

With a flash of light, and a crack of thunder, Alex’s world is changed forever. With the aid of his friends, and an old spyglass that can reveal the things that lurk in the shadows, he will discover an ancient threat growing within the town of Sundown, and possibly the world. What will he discover the shadows? Will he stop the spreading curse before it’s too late?
Find out in Rise of the Shadow Seekers, The First Seeker.

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