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The Grant Park Papers: How The Social Internet Is Ruining Our Lives And What To Do About It

by David Henry

A meditation on the social internet from Grant Park in Atlanta. How it cheapens our lives and flattens our existence into an unrecognizable desert of non-distinction.

“We need to recognize that boredom is a feature, not a bug. Boredom is not something we should seek to eradicate or push deep down so that we can’t feel it anymore. Boredom should be embraced and cultivated. It is an eminently natural human feeling with an attendant purpose. Boredom breeds in us an appreciation for that which entertains. But if boredom did not exist, nor would its opposite pole of entertainment. The infinite loop of the social internet flattens these poles into an unrecognizable desert of non-distinction. Life is meant to be a highly-variable experience, and so often the twenty first century life is far more predictable than that of those lives lived in previous centuries.”

My Home Team: Iceland Soccer Stats Book

by Mike Murphy

Are you the fan or home team of Iceland National Football Team? 

Best time to show your love and appreciation for the team!

The World Cup IS This Year!!!!!
Every four years’ Festival.
You must participate.
Use this stats notebook to have more fun of this!


  • 40 games record sheet
  • Shoot Ball located Record
  • Half field strategy board
  • Separat the GK to record
  • 15 Players and 2 Gk can be record in one game
  • Soccer Season Record

Can be used for 

  • German Bunds Liga 
  • England Primere League 
  • Italian Serie A 
  • French Ligue 1 
  • Spanish Primere League 
  • Dutch Eredivisie

Even for your kids soccer road to be their mentor, help them analysis bad move and great move.

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