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The Brothers of Brigadier Station (Brigadier Station Series Book 1)

by Sarah Williams

She came to the outback to marry the love of her life. She just didn’t expect him to be her fiancé’s younger brother.

When Meghan Flanagan, a vet-nurse from Townsville, moves to Brigadier Station in outback Queensland to marry the man of her dreams, she is shocked to discover that perhaps her fiancé isn’t the man she wants waiting for her at the altar. The man she’s destined to marry, just might be his younger brother.

Cautious of women after a disastrous past relationship, Darcy is happy living on his beloved cattle station, spending his spare time riding horses, going to rodeos and campdrafting. He didn’t expect the perfect woman to show up on his doorstep. Engaged to his brother.

With the wedding only hours away, Meghan must make the decision of a lifetime. But, her betrayal could tear the family apart. She knows all too well the pain of losing loved ones and being alone.

Now that she has the family she so desperately wants; will she risk losing it all?

Set in the drought stricken plains of Julia Creek, North Queensland and the coastal city of Townsville this is a rural romance that will leave you asking: Will she marry the right man, for the right reasons?

The Brothers of Brigadier Station is the first in the Brigadier Station series and can easily be read as a standalone. Each of Sarah’s stories are linked so you can find out what happens to the other brothers and your favourite characters in future books.

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Q&A with the author

What make The Brothers of Brigadier Station special?
A- It’s a story set against the rugged beauty of Outback Queensland. I live in Townsville and have close friends in Julia Creek so I made the characters and locations authentic and charming.

What authors inspire you?
A- I was inspired to write Australian rural romance by some of my favourite authors and friends. Rachael Johns, Mandy Magro, Allissa Callen just to name a few. These are the kinds of books I like to read.

I also love Western romances. Some of my favorite authors include Janet Dailey, Nora Roberts and fellow New Zealander Leeanna Morgan.


SEAL’s DESIRE (Take No Prisoners Book 2)

by Elle James

Navy SEAL teams with a sexy NCIS agent undercover as a stripper to find a missing naval officer.

Navy SEAL Remy LaDue wants Mitchell Sanders, but hasn’t made a move since he slept with her the night of his buddy, her former boyfriend’s funeral. A year later, his plan to be her Valentine date runs amuck when he finds her undercover as a stripper at a local club.
NCIS agent Mitchell Sanders never wanted to settle, dedicated to her job and justice is finally ready to commit to the SEAL she accidentally fell in love with. When her friend, a female navy officer, goes missing she puts her love life on hold and goes undercover to find her friend, only to discover her SEAL is back in town and threatening to blow her cover.
Remy and Mitchell join forces to find her friend and uncover a human trafficking organization in the darkest heart of Virginia Beach while their attraction for each other burns hotter than the sun.

Afterglow (Four Corners Book 1)

by Artemis Anders

Can a hookup with a hot Army man turn into the real thing? Or just wind up shattering your heart for good?

Teagan has sworn off men.

And why shouldn’t she, after getting her heart shredded by her cheating ex? Now, she only wants to enjoy summertime in the Colorado mountains and build her fledgling career as an author. But when a friend’s party means facing her ex and the woman he left her for, Teagan skips town and heads to the scorching heat of Arizona.

She never expects to meet Aaron, an Army Major who’s smoking hot… and also coming off a divorce. He’s so not her type, but he gives her two days and one sizzling night to remember.

When Teagan returns to Colorado and her man-free existence, Aaron keeps finding excuses to see her and inch his way into her heart. But when Aaron’s past finds them, it threatens to shatter their connection… and break Teagan’s heart for good.

If you love steamy romance with heart-stopping twists and an HEA, you’ll love Afterglow.

Afterglow is a standalone novel in the Four Corners series.


by Temptation Tales

Sizzling stories filled with explicit details of naughty, sexy fillings!

A Time to Fall (Love by the Seasons Book 1)

by Jess Vonn

After an unfortunate discovery involving her boyfriend and a blonde and a glass-walled shower, Winnie Briggs is bolting from her Chicago-based life in search of a fresh start as the editor of rural Bloomsburo’s newspaper. Winnie’s only desire is to put all of her energy into her writing — well, that and to officially retire her lady parts in an act of self-defense.

Unfortunately, as scandal unfolds in her new community, her closest ally comes in the form of delicious-smelling Chamber of Commerce director Cal Spencer, who also happens to be the son of Winnie’s benevolent (if meddling) landlady. Cal is a serial non-committer, yet his electric attraction to Winnie’s curves and quirks has him contemplating breaking his iron-clad commitment to never mix work with pleasure.

The couple’s sexual chemistry escalates alongside the town’s drama, leaving them wondering: can they survive the fall with their jobs, their hearts, and their pledges of non-commitment intact?

Vonn’s books are perfect for audiences who enjoy quirky small towns, smart and occasionally sassy heroines, sexy and sarcastic heroes, serious heat between the sheets, and happily ever afters all around.

The Social Tutor: A Regency Romance (Branches of Love Book 1)

by Sally Britton

A Sweet and Swoony Regency Romance

After years of escaping etiquette lessons in favor of the stables, Christine Devon’s grand debut in London is only weeks away, though her deportment lacks the sophisticated polish she needs to achieve her goals of a lofty marriage. Desperate to take her place in society, she needs someone to instruct her in proper behavior.

Thomas Gilbert, newly returned from Italy, is ready to begin his dream of founding a horse farm. But during his time away, the estate’s finances have dwindled to almost nothing. Unless he can find a way to save his family from ruin, he will be forced to sell his horses and give up his dreams entirely.

A chance meeting between them may solve both their problems. Christine gains a tutor in the finer arts of polite behavior, while Thomas is given access to the finest bloodlines in England. But as time passes, the arrangement is less about business, and more about love. Will they see it in time, or will Christine leave Thomas behind for the splendor of London’s ballrooms?


by Benjamin Moreno

In San Bernardino, near the end of the twentieth century, the Fifth Street Crewâ??who insist they are most certainly not a crewâ??are bored to tears by their lived reality. The teenagers share a universal thirst for something transformative, something magical to change absolutely everything. For all the gossip about the local gay bakery-owner, crime, smokes, and cancerous moles that never entertain long, lanky Ted witnesses a scandalous event that seizes the attention of the Fifth Street Crew with force. What Ted sees follows them, beguiles them, horrifies them, and makes them laugh well after the streets empty as everyone goes home for the night.

Whiskey and Dragon Fire: A Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance

by Marilyn Peake

It’s hard to resist a man as smooth and hot as a glass of fine whiskey.

Rose Cooper trades her Wall Street job and abusive boyfriend for a peaceful life in an Irish village. Working as barmaid in a local pub, she’s content. That is, until the gorgeous man with copper-colored skin, green eyes and golden hair walks into the bar and completely captivates her. When a fire begins raging out of control in the mountains surrounding the village, locals nickname it Dragon’s Breath. Little do they know how close they’ve come to identifying the truth. Whiskey and Dragon Fire is a Paranormal Romance novella with some adult content.

A Taste of Shifter Geekdom: Shifter Romance (Vanguard Elite Book 2)

by Annie Nicholas

Darrell is a weapons geek.

Guns, knives, nunchakus, throwing stars, he’s deadly with all of them.

While all seems set for him to pass his upcoming boot camp armory exam, life quickly becomes complicated when curvy, outspoken Julia invades his personal space.

If she doesn’t pass the weapons test, she’ll be sent home and forced into an arranged mating.

That will happen over his dead body.

He has three days to teach her, but she can’t hit the side of a barn in broad daylight with a laser guided missile.

To make matters worse, her intended mate makes an unannounced visit. He’s rich and suave. Everything Darrell isn’t.

Pity Darrell is determined to get in the way of his plans.

Beyond The Ridge: Book 1

by Emrys Apollo

Having kicked up dust that will take far too long to clear, Benjamin and his gun-slinging companions choose to make amends rather than flee from the law which has finally caught up with them; a decision that Benjamin is sure is the right one to make. However, what Benjamin hasn’t accounted for is that their atonement would call for a foray into the notorious Walling Moor to rub shoulders with people who bring back bitter memories of his past. Having rejoiced that he was finally free to live his life as he wished with the man he loves, Benjamin is disappointed that he must be separated from his partner Morris, but he is determined to do anything he must to find his paradise.

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Earthweeds (Sons of Neptune Book 1)

by Rod Little

For nine people, the end of the world is just the beginning…

Two students return from a mountain camping trip to find an empty city: Pittsburgh is desolate. Only a few living souls remain in the countryside… until the lizards appear. The size of komodo dragons, they flood the city and attack the few remaining people, while fighting each other for the remaining food supply …with the humans caught in the middle.

A teenage boy with electric powers, a college student who can communicate with animals, a scientist with a dark secret, and a band of psychopaths with their own agenda… all come together.

Defending each other from the evils of men and creatures alike, the last humans form separate camps in a race to unravel the mystery of the deserted cities, the swarming creatures, and the threat to humankind. While fighting off the giant monsters that sprang from nowhere, they search for clues that lead to strange devices and the possibility of involvement from other planets.

But mysteries remain surrounding the end of the world.

Sam, born with the ability to generate electric charges, teams up with a boy who can understand the language of birds and spiders, and together they set out to find the answers. Another camp led by a mad scientist is racing to find his own answers, but for a very different reason.
A post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure…blending together elements of monsters, survivalists, special abilities and the mysteries of ancient alien artifacts.

Earthweeds is Volume 1 in the Sons of Neptune series.

” Compelling book! Science Fiction should always be this fun and engaging to read.” – Top2040 Sci-Fi

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