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The Outbreak of the Great War

by Charles Oman

AT 10.45 IN THE morning of June 28th, 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the nephew and heir of the Emperor Francis Joseph, and his consort, Sophia, Duchess of Hohenberg, were assassinated in the streets of Serajevo, the capital of Bosnia The Archduke had left Vienna on the 23rd June, to carry out, in his capacity of Inspector-General, a series of reviews of the Bosnian garrisons, and to attend their summer maneuvers. He embarked at Trieste on the 24th, upon the new battleship Viribus Unitis, and proceeded on Thursday the 25th in a smaller vessel to Metkovitch in Dalmatia, from whence he took train for Mostar and Hidje; at the latter place he was met by his wife, who intended to accompany him during the rest of his tour of inspection. On Friday and Saturday the 26th and 27th June they witnessed the mountain exercises of some battalions of the XV and XVI Army Corps not far from Serajevo. On Sunday the 28th they took train for that city, for the purpose of visiting it and receiving addresses of welcome from the local authorities.
            Sunday the 28th June was the feast of St. Vitus, better known as Kossovo Day, the anniversary of the annihilation of the mediaeval Serbian Kingdom by Sultan Murad I in 1389. It had been kept for more than five centuries as a day of public mourning by the Serbians, and by many of their kinsfolk within the limits of the Hapsburg Empire. But in 1914 it was being celebrated at Belgrade and many other places as a national fete for the first time; for the results of Kossovo had just been undone by the victorious Balkan Wars of 1912-13, which had restored Old Serbia and Kossovo itself to the Serbian Kingdom, and had also placed the greater part of Macedonia in the possession of King Peter Karageorgevitch. Many Austrian subjects from Croatia and Bosnia had gone to Belgrade to join in the celebrations. The visit of the Archduke to Serajevo on this particular day was considered inopportune by many the local Serbian paper Narod published a leading article on Kossovo that morning, instead of the obligatory polite tribute to the illustrious visitors. But there was no idea abroad that St. Vitus’ Day 1914 was destined to be as disastrous for the Serbian nation as St. Vitus’ Day 1389. The tour of the Archduke had, up to this moment, been not unsuccessful from the point of view of popularity. Many of the South Slavs among whom he had been moving were not ill-disposed to a prince who, first among his house, posed as a “trialist,” or an advocate of granting equality among the subjects of the Hapsburg Empire to the Slav element as opposed to the Austrian and the Hungarian. It was a new move for a Hapsburg to make himself the advocate of the South Slavs, and a move which had brought him great unpopularity in Hungary, whose national predominance rested upon the suppression of the Slavs and Romanians within her limits…

A Tyranny Through Innocent Eyes: An Interview with Christa Bürger-Phoenix

by Shannon Phoenix

Childhood is a time for play. But for Christa instead of running with playmates, she was was running from bombs. Instead of cake and lollipops, she was eating snow to survive.
This was my dear Oma’s story and yet she never lost her spark for life, for love, and for finding joy in “the little things”.
Though nobody truly wins a war, this little girl came out triumphant.

Made in London – A Dog Called Horse

by Jack Dryden

The amazing true story of the extraordinary life of Paul Henry Jarvis né Byfield.
To say that Paul Henry Jarvis has had an unusual life would be a gross understatement.
With a CV that includes London rent-boy, big-time drug dealer and prolific shoplifter, Paul has also escaped the clutches of a serial killer, lived with Sinéad O’Connor for over a year and survived two chronic bouts of heroin addiction.
Throw into the mix a boyfriend who is infamous for being the main protagonist in the first case of royal blackmail for over a century, and the picture begins to build of how an ordinary man has managed to live an extraordinary life.
This is the true, warts and all, story of that man.
‘It is not just a fascinating story of one remarkable life but also a social document. The narrative is very readable and unassuming – almost like chatting to someone in a pub’ Emeritus Professor Michael Patterson.
‘A real eye-opener of a book with a totally engrossing story. Most lives are so tame compared to this one’ Norah Roberts.
‘Paul has led a truly amazing life and made it out the other side to tell the tale. As soon as I started reading it I couldn’t put it down’ Leigh Brown.
‘One of the best reads I have had since Mr Grey – I was captivated from the start’ Adele Orchard.

The Spoiled Brat Killer

by Larry Maravich

Taylor Marks appeared to be young lady with everything going for her. Financial security, a loving mother prepared, it seemed, to do anything for a much-loved daughter. Why then, would she pay a friend $5000 to kill that caring parent?
Like so much in life, Taylor Marks’ story is much more complicated than appears on the surface. Today, as she sits in an Ohio prison, knowing that she will die without ever again being free, we can wonder about her thoughts. To what extent does she regret her actions? And what is the full degree of her guilt?
Amelia Dyer is considered one of the most prolific serial killers in history. Her picture on the front cover easily betrays the evil that resided within her heart. Her reign of terror lasted over twenty years, as she is projected to have killed as many as 400 children before finally being caught
This story goes into the daily rituals and techniques used by Dyer to procure her victims as well as the psychology behind her behavior.
Nicole Kasinkas is a shy fourteen year old girl who begins an on-line romance with a psychologically disturbed young man in Billy Sullivan. The relationship intensifies and the teenage couple want to move in together. When Nicole’s mother refuses the arrangement, the love struck teenagers plot her murder in this horrifying true story.
Genene Jones, said to be the inspiration behind the Annie Wilkes character in Stephen King’s Misery, is due to be released in February of 2018 due to a loophole in Texas law…In 1985, she was convicted for the murder of fifteen month old Chelsea McClelland. Further investigations, however, show that Jones may have been responsible for over 40 infant deaths during the span of her nursing career. Cover-ups, blackmail and manipulations, Jones was able to get away with her crimes for years with a silent hospital administration behind her and the lack of courage of those around her to blow the whistle.
Tracey Wigginton made headlines as the “Lesbian Vampire Killer” when she and a group of friends attacked and killed forty-seven year old Edward Baldock in a brutal murder that left him nearly decapitated…The case drew headlines because of the brutality of the murder and the mindset of the killer. Wigginton was a feared butch lesbian who captured bats, drank blood and believed herself to be a vampire.
“I don’t remember”
Those were the words of Danielle Stewart as she was confronted by police who arrested her for the murder of her 55 year old husband, Chaim Kimel. In one of Australia’s most controversial cases, Stewart would claim to have no recollection of the night when she stabbed her husband two times in his abdomen during one of their many alcohol fueled fights…Suffering through an abusive childhood and struggling with depression, Stewart was a ticking time bomb when she met the older and charming Chaim Kimel. The two would begin a tumultuous romance that would culminate in a night of violence that would change their lives forever.
“Come on over,” – Margaret DeFrancisco
Those were the words that Margaret spoke to her sister’s suitor, Oscar Velazquez, before he arrived at their mother’s home and she shot him for $600. The murder made national headlines when the two “angel faced” girls lured Oscar into their home, shooting him to death then setting his body on fire with nail polish remover. Following the murder, the two sisters went on the run.

The Cry of the Sacrificed Prey

by Joshca Rodyavic

This is a true Story of fatal human sacrifices and destinies which were caused by Gods and Masters and Their Spirit World. The names and locations of events have been changed. This story will explain a lot about Gods and Masters and Their apocalyptic Age (2006-2017), and also Their connection to ISIS. The main character, Kaylah, had discovered terrible, sad facts about the Gods and Masters and Their Spirit World, about Their crimes against people and this world. She investigated Them for over a decade and based her knowledge on her own, personal experiences and all other people´s true, sad stories as well. This Story explains a lot also how Kaylah was chased by ISIS, by those “refugees”, which came to all over the Europe. This story is partly, a bit fictional, just to get this story to be a little smoother and narrative, because of its hard issues. But mostly this Story is true, about 97% of it. All the handled issues are absolutely true.

There´s a lot deep probing about those harmful, dangerous events and issues about Those Gods & Masters. All those sacrifices and attacks by Those Gods & Masters lasted over 11,5 years, through this whole latest Apocalyptic Age. Those years felt like Eternity in Hell, by causing terrible rumours, gossiping, threats and dangers to Kaylah and her soulmate, Radek. This Story describes you how desperate their situations were. So, this is kind of a short biography, a true life Story, including with a little fictional parts and characters.

This book is dedicated to all victims of All Those Gods & Masters and ISIS. The victims´ honour we´ll all respect and glorify! The Gods´ and Masters´ clever set ups and attacks towards this world and its innocent people cost real human lives. Those sad, tragical events were proven and documented all around the world.

This is a story which really needs to be told to the people. As a warning to them, so that they´d be safe by the information in case they´d ever be attacked. There is also a warning needed: this scripture contains difficult issues, which might not be suitable for sensitive people.

This is one of the sad, true stories of desperation and human destinies, which has to be told before this world is in danger and we´re all drowning to mysterious, Devine Lies!

Sugar Reports and Homemade Dill Pickles

by Robert B. Riefstahl

“Sugar Reports and Homemade Dill Pickles” is a sweet and bitter true love story set during the time period of WWII. This is an amazing tale of Bob and Dee, written mainly in their own words through love letters, pictures and a hidden journal composed while in German Prisoner of War camps. The story depicts the heroism of the 707th Tank Battalion in several battles including the Hurtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge. It follows Company A, 3rd platoon into the village of Hosingen, Luxembourg where orders are received to “Hold at all cost.” This battle became known as the “Alamo of the Ardennes.” The story also tells of life in small towns in the United States during the war. Much like the famous “Rosie the riveter,” Dee joins the war effort in a defense plant. Despite the tragedy of war, the real story is a beautiful romantic tale of an incredible couple that lived and recorded it in “Sugar Reports.”

Iâ??ve died 6,570 times

by David Gonzales

I’ve died 6,570 times. Riveting Coming of Age Tale. Unapologetic & Disruptive.

I’d like to make a comment and pose a question to anyone who needs inspiration to grow or change. I wrote “I’ve died 6,570 times” for other umpteen year olds like me over 10 years ago. I let it collect dust because I was afraid of the feedback and felt I lacked the “perfect” book. I learned the hard way. I’ve sat on 3 books but last weekend I was inspired by 3 beginner photographers on a sizzling hot Saturday talking about creative inspiration. They reminded me what it’s like to be inspired by somoenes work even if they only enjoyed a portion of it. I will ask any person whose been umpteen to read it and enjoy the ride. Find out how to live when you’ve died 6,570 times.

The Sunday School Killer

by Andrea Crayton

“The Sunday School Killer” headlines an anthology of True Crime stories where seemingly sweet women transform into cold-blood killers when a hefty insurance settlement is offered upon the death of their husband.
If the circumstances regarding Brenda Evers Andrew’s murder of her husband was made into a movie, it would strain the credulity of the viewing audience. Two Sunday school teachers hatch a plot to acquire an $800,000 life insurance policy.
All they had to do was murder Robert Andrew, Brenda’s ex-husband.
Brenda tired of being the good girl going to church every Sunday. She wanted the good life. Her lover, James Pavatt, was a man deep in debt. Together, they were the answer to each other’s problems both physically and financially if only they could get rid of the one man standing in their way.
No Bible passages or other church teachings would stop them. If they were going to hell, they were going to do it in style.

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