Free fiction Kindle books for 07 Jul 18

Hopscotch (The Rag, The Wire and the Big Store Book 7)

by Duane Lindsay

Set in 1976, the nation’s bi-centennial. Kate wants to come home. After six years on the run from the constant attention of a dedicated FBI agent, she asks Leroy for a plan to let them live without fear of arrest and he devises the most cunning plan of his fabled career–a long con against the entire FBI. Can Leroy, with he help of Kate and his young daughter Dixie, really hope to bamboozle an entire government agency? Can he find enough grifter’s to help him, when they’ve all be arrested?

Come along for the roller coaster ride and find out.

Drive Me Wild (Texas Heat Wave)

by Julie Ortolon

Can a small-town girl hold her own in the world of a big city news anchor?

Brent Michaels left Beason’s Ferry, Texas, vowing to never returnâ??until Laura Morgan, the one person he remembers fondly, tempts him back with an irresistible invitation. The town that once shunned him wants him to play the bachelor in a dating game fundraiser. He arrives to discover that sweet little Laura is no longer a shy wallflower. Desire is the last thing he expected to feel for a childhood friend who personifies the girl next door.
 â?¨Laura is happy in Beason’s Ferry, well for the most part, but there’s a part of her that yearns to break free, just as Brent did. The chance to move to Houston, where Brent works as a TV news anchor, seems like the perfect opportunity to spread her wings, and explore the new unexpected and enticing adult attraction.

Emotional alarms go off when Brent learns of Laura’s plans. He fears the small-town girl will be in over her head in the big city, but Laura has blossomed into a capable woman who surprises him at every turn. Could the man who swears he’s incapable of love be the one swimming out of his depth?

Mail Order Bride: A Run Away Bride

by Madison Grace

Clean and Wholesome Mail Order Bride Short Story Romance!

Micah Pickens could marry anyone, but he won’t. He’s not interested in any of the women that swoon at his feet. None of it feels right. He refuses to compromise, and, if it’s God plan, he is going to stay single.

During a bizarre and chaotic period, a beautiful stranger named Aria ends up Micah’s arms. Micah isn’t sure what to make of the situation, but his life will never be the same. Aria is afraid and running for her life. Could this be the love Micah has been waiting for? And can Aria break free from the shackles of her mysterious past?

Buy today and find out!

This book includes additional Mail Order Bride Romance Short-Stories!

Join these Inspirational women on their journey of adventure and romance. Will these women make a bold and exciting new life for themselves in the Wild West? Will they find their dream Cowboys? Or will circumstances prove to make things more difficult than expected?

Amazon Number 1 Seller “Ariel’s New Beginning”!

Ariel dreams of adventure, freedom, and falling in love. But in a blink of eye her life turns upside when her parents and sister die. Ariel’s fairy tale is cut short and she is forced to become the adoptive mother to her niece and nephew. Now she must reassess her priorities and what will become of her life. Ariel can’t stay in her home city of Nashville, where she knows she will eventually run out of money.

After selling her father’s company, Ariel goes west to marry the sheriff in a small town in Missouri.

He’s a hardened man who’s endured just as much loss as her. Will she be able to melt his icy heart, or will he prove to be too much of a challenge?

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