Free horror Kindle books for 07 Jul 18

Harm’s Way: A Horror Comedy

by Marc Richard

A pack of teens. A cabin in the woods. And a killer with a love for slapstick.

“A dark, comic ode to those great 80’s horror movies that lowered the bar while at the same time raising it”-Nick Perry

An unlikeable cast of teenage clichés, out for a week in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. What could possibly go wrong?

Murder, that’s what!

Hey, who left that dead girl skewered on the porch?

All are suspect, as the slayings become more creative. And more ridiculous.

Hell of a way to spend a vacation.

Will they find out who the killer is in time to stop this madness, or will this mean the end for all?

Harm’s Way is a horror comedy originally penned by Sam Raimi’s twin brother, Aaron Elvis Raimi, who died at birth.
It reeks of classics like Evil Dead, Silent Night Deadly Night and Student Bodies.

Can a psychopath really fit in an outhouse hole?

Can you re-capitate someone with a welder’s torch?

Will everyone really see your dirty pillows?

The answers to those age-old questions are here.

For an extra bit of fun, the text contains a code that reveals the killer!
Maybe you can figure it out before these dummies.

Download now for a bloody pie in the face.

Reality Games

by Tabitha Baumander

A pare of film students begin their senior year project, a documentary, thinking to have fun talking to UFO fanatics. The fun stops when strange things start happening for real.

Under the Mountain of Gee

by Richard Klu

After a string of murders ravages the Eastern United States a victims brother travels deep into the mountains in search of a killer. Some victims are killed and left with ancient runes carved into their bodies. Others are dragged away to some unknown end. The answers to why, and what really happened to the victims lies within the mountain itself.


by James Carter

Six short stories that will bring you to the world of female demons and their hidden side you’ve never suspected they can possibly have.
Some of the stories will make you laugh, some will revolt you but all of them you will never forget.

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